Changsha Kaifu District: the cold “spring breeze” warm truth to send gang huimin

2022-06-18 0 By

Rednet moment Changsha February 18 news (reporter Peng Chao correspondent Peng Qijuan Xia Song) cold wind, “spring breeze” warm.On February 18, the launching ceremony of the 2022 spring Breeze Action and a special job fair were held in Kaifu District of Changsha, providing meticulous and thoughtful employment services for the vast number of enterprises and job seekers. More than 50 enterprises and nearly 400 people initially reached employment intention on site.Kaifu District held the launch ceremony of the 2022 spring Breeze Action series of activities and a special job fair.This job fair is sponsored by the Kaifu District government, undertaken by the District People and Social Security Bureau, district veterans Affairs Bureau, district Federation of trade unions, district women’s Federation, district Disabled persons’ Federation, Kaifu District Dongfeng Road sub-district office, Fuxing Business district Party and Mass Service center.”In recent years, Changsha’s photoelectric products are getting better and better, selling well all over the world, and even appearing in the Beijing Winter Olympics. I believe there are good prospects!”After the Spring Festival holiday, Mr. Wu from Changsha chose to stay in Changsha instead of returning to Shenzhen.At the job fair, he talked with an enterprise in Changsha Jinxia Economic Development Zone and reached the employment intention.Enterprise site and job seekers face to face.Many well-known enterprises in Kaifu district are also sincere, administrative assistant, hardware engineer, short video operation……Hunan Fuxing Group Co., LTD., Hunan New Yasheng Optoelectronics Co., LTD., common people big pharmacy chain Co., LTD., etc., offered more than a thousand jobs, attracting college graduates, returning personnel, migrant workers and other groups to exchange and consult on the spot, the atmosphere was warm.At the same time, the organizer also launched an online job fair on the “Kaifu Employment” public account. Job seekers and employers who cannot attend the fair can fill in their resumes and make an appointment for an interview through the “Spring Breeze Action” area of Kaifu District.According to statistics, the job fair offers more than 3,000 positions both online and offline.In addition to the recruitment area, the district people’s and Social Security Bureau also through to the masses to preach various employment policies, invite professional guidance experts on-site guidance help and other forms, for job seekers in the process of applying for timely analysis of the problems, to provide help.From February to March this year, kaifu District will also hold 10 on-site job fairs of “Spring Breeze Action”, which will go deep into the streets and back streets to deliver jobs to people’s doorsteps, help enterprises solve employment problems, promote the implementation of various employment and entrepreneurship policies, and help the social and economic development of Kaifu District.(Peng Chao, Peng Qijuan, Xia Song)