Being able to tolerate others’ faults is your noble quality and your blessing

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No one is perfect.Everyone more or less has his own shortcomings and shortcomings.They may not be known to themselves, but they are clearly visible to others.The same is true of all of us, and it is “noble” to be able to accept some of the shortcomings of others.Must be of noble quality.01 Don’t look at people’s shortcomings with a magnifying glass everyone has shortcomings, even great men, saints, it is hard to avoid shortcomings, mistakes.The old man used to say that even a dead man still owns a piece of land.And a living man can never be perfect.To err is human.So you have to be tolerant of other people’s little troubles.As long as it is not intentional, or in violation of social ethics, laws and regulations of the great evil, need not be too investigated.Hazing over every ounce of everything, worrying about gains and losses, not allowing him to fault, live tired.I’m not happy.Look at people more on their good points than their bad ones.Take a step back.Tolerance is retreat into advance.Magnifying glass to see a person’s shortcomings, it is very scary, but with a tolerant attitude, less upset and chaos.During the Han Dynasty (206 BCE), Chen Ping and Zhou Bo worked together to bring down the power of the chaotic lu family.He supported emperor Wen of the Han dynasty to the throne.However, Chen Ping believed that Zhou Bo had done a great job in destroying lu’s forces, because when emperor Wen of the Han dynasty awarded him prizes, he deliberately stayed at home sick and did not go to court.His intention was to give way to Zhou Bo.Make him prime minister.However, when Zhou Bo became the prime minister, he found that he was really not up to the job.He had a skill in leading troops to fight, but he was far worse than Chen Ping in governing the country.Therefore, he also denied illness, the position of the prime minister to Chen Ping.The act of their mutual humility as officials is enough to show their noble character.During the Song Dynasty, Wang Anshi carried out reform and reform, which was fiercely opposed by a large number of Su Shi’s people. For this reason, Su Shi also suffered persecution from the reform faction. But to his surprise, Wang Anshi protected Su Shi very much.Song Shenzong saw the prime minister talk, had to let Su Shi.Wang Anshi and Su Shi had different political views, but they appreciated each other’s talent. Later, Wang Anshi failed in his political reform and retired to the countryside. Su Shi went to visit him specially.They were fond of each other, and in their later years they often wrote to each other.Put aside political differences.They are good friends.People with real integrity, they are able to proceed from the overall situation, even if the two armies against each other, two outstanding commanders, also admire each other’s courage and talent.However, there is no way, because each is his own master, must be for their own country and the country, but from a personal point of view, they admire each other.They were even sympathetic, tolerating differences of opinion if politics were put aside.And even become good friends.As the saying goes: a general can run a horse on his forehead; a prime minister can punt a boat in his stomach.If a person can be magnanimous, he will be respected.Early sui Dynasty secretary niuhong, and later worship for the Ministry of Civil Affairs.In the early years, Niu Hong lived a nomadic life. After becoming an official, he still lived a simple life and treated his subordinates with tolerance and kindness, which was highly respected by the public.There are historical records of him: “Learn excellent and official, have quietly elegant wind, huai Kuangyuan degree.”Legend has it that once, Niuhong’s younger brother drank too much wine and killed a cow driving for him with an arrow.You know, it was a necessary mount for an official.His wife was very angry, and niuhong came back immediately told him about it.Niu Hong, however, looked calm and said, Since the cow is dead, let s make the beef into jerky.Make soup out of the bones.”Although is own brother, did wrong so big matter, he also should scold a, did not think of niu Hong so tolerant, did not put this matter in the heart.The wife was so ashamed that she never mentioned it again.On the contrary, look at today’s society, some people in order to family interests dispute, brothers and sisters turned against people really a lot of things.Some people resort to law, although they win the case, but lose the family.Take history as a mirror, people can not for profit, flesh and blood compatriots can not tolerate.Magnanimity is a person’s noble quality.By tolerating others, you also reduce unnecessary annoyance to yourself.On the other hand, it is also for their own blessings.