Will some pensioners get 13 months ‘pay in 2022?Are there many people who meet the criteria?

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Nowadays, many young people complain that they want to retire earlier due to heavy work pressure, but for those who really want to retire, it is not quite the same expectation.According to the legal retirement age in Our country, people over 50 more or less have to consider this problem.The official retirement age for men and women is 60 and 55 respectively. According to many policies and news, the retirement age may be extended in the future due to the serious aging and insufficient labor force.But for most retirees, retirement means the end of more than 30 years of working life and entering a retirement without work, which increases the stress of life.Recently, there was a discussion online that some retirees could get 13 months ‘salary in 2022.Are there many people who meet the criteria?Different people have different views on retirement. Some people think they should retire when they are old enough to enjoy the happiness of their children and grandchildren, playing chess, doing square dancing and helping their children to look after them.Perhaps most of us feel that we are working hard and need a stress-free life after all these years.For others, retirement is not always a good thing. Many families are under financial pressure and do not expect to retire, which means the end of their payday.Especially some families with family conflicts with their children, these people have to worry about their pension problems, and may even worry about their living expenses.In some cases, parents want to work longer to relieve their children s burden, not because of family conflicts.The good tendency of the development of the whole present in our country, the improvement of people’s living standards have been stable, but for many families, they are still burdened with the heavy economic pressure, we can often see such a situation, in the street pick up empty bottles for recycling, riding a tricycle old old, and a often clean sanitation workers of the old man on the street at six.Many elderly people do not have the opportunity to enjoy their old age, many of them are forced to do hard work, earn meager pay, and strive to support themselves.However, the country’s pension system has also been developing, with the adjustment of the pension, many elderly people receive monthly subsidies to cover their daily expenses and living.The salary of 13 months says according to reliable news, at present, retiree of partial city, can continue to get 13 months normal salary even, what is this after all?The salary of 13 months that this extends to retiree needs what qualification ability gets, what talent can get?Let me explain it briefly.This 13 months salary is only available in individual enterprises in individual places, and not most people can get it.Many people mistakenly think this is the case to receive an extra month of pension, but it is not the case.There are two kinds of 13 months ‘salary. One is that if an employee retires before June, the 13 months’ salary will be paid to him in a lump sum in the form of year-end bonus.If after retirement time in June, employees can choose, one-time get full 13 months salary, also can through the form of bonuses, although similar in both cases to receive money, but their meaning is different, the former is a kind of double pay system, while the latter is more of a reward system.In fact, for most companies, there is generally no such phenomenon of giving retirees 13 months ‘salary.Already retired people can only enjoy the basic pension, no longer participate in the company’s welfare activities.And this 13-month salary phenomenon, not all people have the conditions to receive, generally only make a greater contribution to the company, excellent employees have that kind of, through the name of year-end bonus, to get more bonuses.In the national policy provisions, and did not make clear provisions for the company this phenomenon, there are some institutions, there will be corresponding provisions, when the retired work performance of the institution is excellent, through a better annual assessment, is able to get the year-end bonus, this year-end bonus is more than a month’s salary performance.Through this way of reward and encouragement, stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, but also reflects the enterprise’s humanistic care for employees.In the future, however, pension systems will evolve with the development of the economy and serve the people better.Our country has always had the tradition of respecting and loving the elderly. In the future, more and more elderly people will not be worried about the pension problem, and more and more elderly people can enjoy their old age.So with all that said, the bottom line is that a few good retirees at some companies are more likely to get what’s called 13 months ‘pay.Conclusion One thing we need to be clear about the 13 month salary is that not everyone has the opportunity to earn it, and it is possible to earn more by doing a good job and being responsible.Don’t feel bad if you don’t get 13 months ‘salary. After all, you still have a long retirement life in the future, and your life will also face a new turning point and beginning.Today’s topic: Retirees can receive “13 months” salary?The official response: Not everyone