Sanmenxia No. 5 Middle School of Sangao carried out the activity of visiting party members in difficulties before the Spring Festival

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Winter snow to send warm party care in mind — the city three high city five to carry out the Spring Festival eve condolence difficult party member activities winter to send warm, cold feeling deep.According to the unified deployment of the Education and Sports Bureau of Hubin District, Sanmenxia No. 3 Senior Middle School and Sanmenxia No. 5 Middle School carried out the activity of visiting party members in difficulties on the eve of the Spring Festival.On the afternoon of January 27, Li Zhixing, deputy secretary of the Third High School branch, and Zhang Chunluan, deputy principal of the Fifth High School, visited fan Lin’s home on behalf of the school and other organizations.On behalf of the school and the organization, Vice principal Zhang handed over the gifts and 500 yuan to Fan Lin.Teacher Fei’s eyes were full of gratitude, and she thanked the school leaders and comrades who came to comfort her, and introduced her current life to everyone.Deputy Secretary Li encouraged Teacher Fan Lin to have confidence in life, teacher Fan said that under the care of the organization, she will positively face life, embrace every day of life with enthusiasm, follow the doctor’s advice, and recover as soon as possible.The visit to the activity reflects the city three high school and the city five high school branch of the party care for difficult party members, cohesion of the people, unity of comrades, achieved a “sympathy, warm a family, drive a” good effect.(Written by Zhang Lujuan; Photo by Du Shuqin; Editing by Cao Anyue)