Nanjing railway police helped the owner retrieve a package containing more than 8,000 yuan in cash and a computer

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Yangzi Evening News on February 15 (correspondent Guo Minghui reporter Mei Jianming) the railway station security gate many people eye miscellaneous, articles flow quickly, a little careless, there will be luggage forget to take or take the wrong situation.On the morning of February 13, a passenger at Nanjing Railway Station found that his bag containing more than 8,000 yuan in cash and a computer had been taken from him when he went through the security checkpoint.Around 11 am, Ji Shuyang, a police officer at nanjing Railway Public Security Station, received a report from a passenger surnamed Pan, saying that his black backpack containing more than 8,000 yuan in cash and a computer was taken away by other passengers after going through security check.There was only one black bag left on the security check. He had been waiting for his bag for a long time and suspected it had been taken by mistake.Subsequently, Mr. Pan told the situation to the security staff next to.Security guard Wang Nongbing opened another black bag on the security check machine and found a bag of fruit and a medical registration slip.According to the name of the registration sheet Hu, the railway station broadcast to find people, but after the broadcast, still no one to claim.Then, the security inspector asked the police to help find the information of the package owner.Police season book Yang after receiving the police, according to the information on the registration sheet and the video at that time, find the information of the package owner in a timely manner, and waiting room to find one by one.In the end, the man with the wrong bag was found in the waiting room no. 4.A man surnamed Hu said it was nearly noon and he and his wife were hungry and anxious to find food.After the security check, Hu saw a black bag, thinking it should be their own, did not carefully check, pick up and go.It was not until the police found him that they realized they had the wrong bag.Under the witness of the police, Mr. Pan counted 8100 yuan in cash and computers and other important items in his bag. After confirming no error, the two sides changed the bag back.With the help of the police, Pan’s backpack containing 8,100 yuan in cash was finally returned to its owner.There are so many people at the railway station that you may lose or take your luggage by mistake.Nanjing railway police to remind the majority of passengers, when travelling to look after their own luggage, especially after security check, timely and carefully check their luggage, to prevent the occurrence of the above problems.Proofreading Xu Hang