How to practice the standing pile

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In the first part of this presentation, what is the station pile?Standing pile is a set of skills that has been passed down for more than one thousand years and can play a good role in repairing and improving the body, mind and sex of the human body.After the accumulation of physical evidence and wisdom of countless predecessors, so far the standing pile gongfu has built a very perfect discipline system from the aspects of ideology, theory, content and training.What is the discipline system?A simple example: in the sanqingshan school teachers teach students that 3+3=6, in the imperial city of Beijing, 3+3 is also =6.That is to say, there are no unnecessary disputes in the systematic discipline of gongfu, such as the understanding and elaboration of gongfu, the cognition of the completeness of gongfu content, and the arrangement and execution of practice plans.What does the second part talk about standing pile practice?The standing pile can wake up, repair and strengthen the innate function of the human body by taking the support bar as the foundation, the pile frame as the carrier, the Dan tian and the spine as the core, and the hanging force as the skill.From the physical level, it can be understood as follows: through three years of piling exercise, we can make our physical function better than five or even ten years ago;From the perspective of psychology, the acquired “I” can be gradually diluted through the training of post skills, and the innate “true self” and “id” can be gradually revealed.Today’s content is: how to practice the standing pile?Because different individuals objectively have different physical differences, and different individuals have different problems and needs to be solved at the moment. For example: * Teenagers aged 20 and retirees aged 60 should be treated differently in the intensity and rhythm of practice;* People with lumbar disc herniation and people with irregular heart rate should also be treated differently in the allocation of exercise content;* Those who regard weight loss and sculpting as their main needs and those who regard postoperative rehabilitation as their main needs should also be treated differently in the choice of the entry points of the exercises;* the pile work practice as improve the sub healthy state of the workers and the pile work as a boxing operation capability of support staff, in terms of achievement method framework, perfect the system of the achievement method should also be different, and even the same person at different stages of life, need to solve problems and meet the demands of the requirements are also different,Because the links between people and between people and the world are “variables” to “variables”.For example: when a couple in the “advanced age” fertility stage, the previous practice is to give birth to a healthy and healthy child, when the child is born, the needs of the couple, especially the needs of the child’s mother often become postpartum rehabilitation and physique recovery.Therefore, how to keep those invariable things in the process of change is the first problem that pile skill practice and pile skill teaching face and solve.This is also an important embodiment of the value of “educating people with piles” and the thought of “entering the road with piles” in the system piling work.So, how should pile skill practice after all?To grasp the core pile skill is to follow the “way of returning to infant” and carry out orderly practice in the direction of “unity of nature and man”.From the point of view of skills, this sentence has included the relevant meanings of body, mind and sex.If feel this words temporarily not easy to understand, so we only from the body level popular point further dilution:Pile work practice can be divided into the function of the body, prevent illness, regimen, fitness and physical level, so, the eradication of chronic pain and release of chronic diseases is pile work practice only the most basic value, if the practice for many years the body pain, there still exist here acid also need the phenomenon such as taking blood pressure medication or sleeping pills,So it is necessary to find the reason from the aspects of the content of the exercise, the method of exercise and the individual’s learning attitude.Since from the body level, is the goal of our pile exercise, then, how to achieve the goal of physical strength?What specific exercises and practices can make us physically stronger than we were three or even ten years ago?Speaking here, it needs to be emphasized that the achievement of the goal must require effective ways to achieve, otherwise the goal no matter how grand, no matter how wonderful the theory is, it is a castle in the air.Want to relax for instance, if do not have corresponding and effective practice content and practice method, it is very difficult panasonic comes, the pine that lacks effective practice and thinks and the demand that the skill method is right loose and the body is right loose, often be not one and the same.Now you can touch yourself and you can touch each other’s posterior crotch area, can you move the rump?From the physical function, loose is to live, so it is called loose.And the rotation of the tail is an important manifestation of spinal loosening.Therefore, the practice of skills can be quantified, and must be quantified.The achievement of the effect of practice can not rely on slogans and can not rely on imagination.Why did I ask you to say can the rump rotate?Because the spine is one of the core contents of post exercise, and the rump is relatively difficult to open a “pass” in the “three passes” of the spine.Why is it called “off”?Guan, contains two meanings: one is the stage that has to go through;Second, after the experience will usher in smooth and bright.The tail of this “pass” through, the spine is completely loose live, the ability to regulate the viscera, spinal cord, bone marrow and brain vitality will have irreplaceable value.In addition to the spine, another core exercise of kungfu is Dan Tian.We have often heard such words: internal and external practice, practice internal skills, spirit and so on.We take the spine as the “outer” core to practice, so the “inner” core is to practice with the Dan tian as the entrance to reflect.Here we need to pay attention to: Dan Tian as the entrance.Because in the system of skills and methods, the cultivation of dantian is divided into three stages, respectively: the innate function of awakening dantian, the innate function of strengthening dantian and the innate function of using dantian. These three stages are divided into the first order, but none of them is indispensable.The value of dantian can be understood by virtue of the value of money. The value of money lies in the process of use, or the value of money is reflected in the process of circulation.Abdomen also is such, after demonstrated to awaken and strong to raise, can let the body of the RMB yuan jing biochemical into Qi, and how to through effective practice member let tianyuan Qi more fully blending and acquired qi, which can help to push the blood in the body more smoothly courses, let all the viscus organs and tissue cells get more fully nourish the ultimate goal of practice is demonstrated.Since it is called “both inside and outside repair”, that is to say, the spine and the abdomen are not isolated from each other, but contain each other and achieve each other.In the specific practice is also carried out in this way, such as: rump dantian total perineum, rump Dantian for “open, close, pull, send, turn” exercise and so on, are the embodiment of the core content of pile exercise.In these exercises, the effect of “return to nature” will be evident.Grasp the principle Since different individual differences and different individual needs are objective existence that cannot be changed by people’s subjective consciousness, how to ensure the reasonable and effective deployment of different practice contents and different practice methods in specific practice and teaching?Or what are we basing our allocation on?In addition to the core, it’s important to stick to principles.The practice principle of pile gong is six words: overall, loose and heavy, natural.No matter in daily practice, or normal teaching or correcting mistakes, as long as you really understand the “six character policy”, all the problems in pile exercise and teaching can be solved easily.The so-called true legend, in fact, here.The whole is easier to understand because the human body is an organic whole, which already includes the body, mind and sex.Any local pathological changes in the body, emotional repression or mania, cognitive narrowness or prejudice will affect the overall health of the body and mind, because health is a very broad concept.What is more important is how to meet the requirements of the whole and reflect the value of the whole in practice and teaching.For example, the cultivation of skills should be explained in combination with specific exercises, especially the understanding of traditional culture and the interpretation of many classic works that can play a guiding role in pile exercises. If the understanding can be combined with specific exercises, there may be a difference between profound and not profound, but it is not prone to deviation.We can communicate with each other after class. What do you think of it?More importantly, through what means of practice do you achieve “refining the spirit and empty” and “independent guarding the spirit”?We can be more specific: for example, a student had knee pain or chest tightness during previous practice. How to adjust the pile according to the overall requirements?That is to say, through systematic kung fu exercises, with the disappearance of knee pain at the same time, but also to make students’ legs and even the whole body more vigorous;Similarly, while the phenomenon of chest tightness disappears, it is necessary to make the function of the viscera more powerful… Such practice and teaching can meet and reflect the overall value.Loose heavy this is an inherent word of the method, loose and heavy can not be split open to understand, without the heavy loose, easy to loose.We can use two idioms to help us understand: one is “restless” and the other is “calm and composed”. Which state do you prefer?Limb to achieve relaxation, need to fully open the body bone seam, especially the key is to open the “root joint” ~ spine, shoulder blade and hip effectively.After this step is achieved, whether in the process of standing pile or in daily life, the balance of the skeleton will naturally appear, and the transparency of body and mind of the human body will have an important premise and foundation.Why is it that the effective opening of the whole body bone seam only has the premise and foundation of the permeability of body and mind?Because there is another key factor ~ qi.No matter from the level of skills or physical and mental health, to achieve the requirements of “breathing heel” is the state that a practitioner should have, so that it can fully reflect the looseness.Of course, this also needs to be matched with the practice content and practice methods to achieve, such as: four elephant, walk, hum, etc., are effective practice content.Nature to nature, if understood correctly, can be used in daily practice without departing from this principle.Nature means the laws of nature, not random whims.In daily practice, we only need to pay attention to two points. One is to have a certain understanding of the basic common sense such as the initial appearance of the gongfa, the internal logic of the gongfa, the objective structure of the body, and the rules of qi and blood movement.Secondly, on this basis, the practice should follow the internal logic of the skills, the objective structure of the body and the operation rules of qi and blood itself, and carry out systematic, standardized and orderly practice in accordance with the course plan.Remember: practice is to help, never stop.Neither can “mark time” for a long time, nor can “rush forward”, as long as we practice in accordance with the law of nature, then the method and even the world will not live up to us, because the “good cause” planted, will reap “good fruit”!Thank you!Thank you very much!