Guiyang High-tech Zone three inspection three implementation of food safety during the Spring Festival centralized rectification

2022-06-17 0 By

On February 16, the reporter learns from city market supervision bureau high-tech zone branch, to protect people during the Spring Festival “security” on the tip of the tongue, the agency work for “three check SanLaShi” gripper, i.e. food production areas, implement enterprise’s main body responsibility, check the food circulation field, to carry out the risk prevention and control measures, catering services, to carry out the “first person” responsibility,We will carry out intensive campaigns to improve food safety during the Spring Festival.Look specifically, check food production field, implement enterprise main body responsibility.To dairy products, meat products, liquor, beverages, nuts and nut products sell like hot cakes, edible vegetable oil, cakes, candy and other holiday foods as the key point, to carry out the inspection, supervision and inspection, supervise the food production enterprise performance of the food safety responsibility, strengthen the hidden perils in food production and management, to crack down on beyond, super limited use of food additives and adding illegal consumption of material.Second, check the food circulation field and implement risk prevention and control measures.To import food cold chain, ChuQinRou and meat and edible agricultural products as the focus, to crack down on sales no qualification formalities of import food cold chain, “3 without” food and pesticide residue containing clenbuterol, a beast edible agricultural products as the core, to dissolve the circulation of food safety risks as the goal, solidly carry out hidden perils in food safety and regulation,We will further standardize food safety operations in circulation, and ensure the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control and food safety.Third, check the catering service field and implement the responsibility of “the first responsible person”.Focusing on canteenagers, centrally distributed meals and travel-related meals, strengthen training and assessment, administrative guidance and responsibility interviews for the “first responsible person” of food and beverage safety, and effectively promote the implementation of the main responsibility of food safety.We will strengthen supervision and inspection of key links such as daily management, demand for tickets and certificates, purchase inspection and environmental hygiene, seriously investigate and punish violations of laws and regulations, and strictly prevent and control food safety risks.Up to now, the bureau has dispatched 95 law enforcement officers, inspection of food-related units 46 times.During the inspection, it was found that individual market entities had poor environmental hygiene, demand for tickets and certificates, purchase inspection is not standard and other problems 11 have been urged to correct, the rectification rate of 100%, to eliminate food safety hidden dangers.Next, the agency will adhere to the “four most strict” requirements, adhere to the orientation, scientific regulation, practical work, focusing on food safety problems, weak links, and take effective measures to build a base, swallow the short board, improve level, strict with food safety defence, firmly hold the bottom line, food safety prevent food safety accidents.Guiyang High-tech Zone rong media reporter Yang Lei intern Zheng Furong