Experts perform a modern version of “Why Not eat minced meat?”

2022-06-17 0 By

During the reign of Emperor Jinhui, a famine occurred one year, which caused many people to starve to death.The news was quickly reported to the palace, jin Hui emperor sitting on the high throne after listening to the minister’s report, greatly puzzled.The “kind-hearted” Emperor Jinhui wanted to do something for his people. After thinking hard, he finally came up with a “solution” : “If the people have no millet to satisfy their hunger, why not eat minced meat?”(People are hungry and have no rice to eat, so why not eat meat porridge?).It refers to comments or suggestions about another’s situation or behavior made by someone who has not personally experienced it.In fact, this sentence and “have no idea of hungry”, “stand up and say” means the same, their situation is much better than the other party, some of the words are very inconsistent with the actual situation.Not long ago, an expert said in an interview: to solve the income problem of low people, we can let them use their private cars to work, and then give out their idle rent.It was surprising that a nationally renowned expert could say such absurd things, a modern version of “why not eat meat”.I used to know that poverty limited one’s imagination, but I didn’t realize that wealth also limited one’s imagination.Is it the abundance of life that makes this expert have such fresh ideas?What are low-income people?According to experts, first of all, you should have a private car, then at least two houses in your family, one for yourself and another for rent.I don’t own a car, I don’t own an empty house, and I’m not even on a low income by his standards.Most of the time, the most distant distance between people is not the geographical distance between “the ends of the earth”, I hope these experts and professors go to the grass-roots walk, do not always take it for granted in the office.