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As the regular season enters its second half, it will be an all-out sprint for teams trying to make a dent in the playoffs.The Clippers, currently the eighth seed in the Western Conference, are clearly not happy with their current position and want to push for a better finish in the second half of the season.In an effort to shake things up, the Clippers made a move at the trade deadline, acquiring Powell and Covington from Portland.As the most important part of the clippers trade, Powell’s arrival will be a big help.After being traded to Portland last season, Powell averaged 17 points and 3.3 rebounds per game. The Blazers failed to make the playoffs, but Powell was recognized for his play and received a five-year, $90 million contract extension.This season, Powell is even better, averaging 18.7 points and shooting 40.6 percent from 3-point range.The Clippers saw how good Powell was and chose to trade him to the team, and the clippers chose to bolster their forward line because of the absence of Kawhi Leonard and George.The lay-offs of Leonard and George, the centerpiece of the Clippers’ playbook, have left Tyronn Lue’s rotation a little stretched, and the timing of both men’s returns is still up in the air as the team tries to make a run for the playoffs.If the Clippers are going to make the playoffs, that will be critical.With the clippers’ current position, they have a good chance of making the playoffs.The Clippers may be eighth in the West, but they’re not far behind the nuggets and timberwolves, and they might even be fifth if they can put together a winning streak.Tyronn Lue took the Clippers to the Western Conference finals last season without Kawhi, so give him the right players and there’s still hope he can lead them on a run.Powell is a scorer with a very consistent shot on offense, and that will help the Clippers immensely.Although the Clippers have a big center inside, their offense is mostly in the backcourt, and the absence of Kawhi Leonard and George has prevented the clippers from showing offensive power.Powell’s 3-point shooting is very accurate and does not require much possession of the ball, as long as he can get out of position, he can contribute accurate 3-point shooting.Coupled with Powell’s quality penetration, he will add plenty of offensive variety for the Clippers.In addition, the Clippers have been experimenting with small ball since the start of the season, and Powell’s arrival will enrich the clippers’ strategy.In the blazers stage, Powell also had a guest center, and had a good performance.While small ball isn’t the dominant tactic on the clippers’ offense, the small ball lineup will give the clippers more opportunities to chase down points at certain points, which is one of the reasons the clippers traded for Powell.The Clippers have had their fair share of problems this season, but that hasn’t dented their confidence.Just as they did last season, the Clippers could pull off another miracle once they make the playoffs.Powell’s arrival has given the Clippers a little more variety in their small-ball game, which they will use to continue their push into the playoffs in the second half of the season.