Approached the Beijing Winter Olympics | when the Spring Festival met the Winter Olympics, listen to Beijing emergency people spit out his heart

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In addition to 2022 evening today is New Year’s eve at Beijing NianWeiEr rich as the saying goes, “money no money home New Year” but out of support for epidemic prevention many people choose this year on New Year’s day remember to call the family to a peace as long as the heart together no matter where can feel the warmth of family and love this year’s Beijing as a “double the city” the burning Olympic flame when the games are to meet againOn the Spring Festival, Beijing emergency people also choose to stick to the Chinese New Year in Beijing on the first line of security guard lights from the guardian summer games to escort the winter Olympics in 2008-2022 from 2008 to 2022, from summer to winter, the spanning 14 years of time and space docking, realizes the perfect transmission of the Olympic spirit, plain and true, rush around and devoting to move forward,Full of Olympic feelings into every day of work.They are Beijing emergency responders.Some of their stories are touching, some are challenging, and some are just ordinary. This is the responsibility of the People’s Night Watch and the warmth of the City of Double Olympics.Today, let’s listen to the “Double Olympic story” of Beijing’s emergency personnel.Zhao Xin (left) | law enforcement team held four team division marshal of the Beijing 2022 Olympics, the war about the about, ice and snow will Yu Wanzhong and to look forward.Fourteen years ago, I was just an ordinary spectator at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.Fourteen years later, I have become a part of the Olympic escort team.Fourteen years ago, a young heart was excited by the wonderful performance of the opening ceremony and the fierce competition in the stadium.Fourteen years later, as an emergency worker who has gone through the baptism of time, I feel more proud of the prosperity of the country and the strength of the people, the glory of the mission on my shoulder and the heavy responsibility.Since the beginning of 2021, I have witnessed the planning, construction and rise of the venues for the Winter Olympics with all comrades in the detachment for more than 300 days and nights. Nearly 100 of our special law enforcement figures have been left behind in the two competition areas and five venue groups.We watched over the construction site of large temporary facilities and 32 venues together, supervised and coordinated the whole process of safe construction.We closely watched every detail of the venue renovation, held special meetings and seminars, led the joint efforts of various departments, adhered to the bottom line thinking, and built a strong safety bottom line.We walked through the venues and surrounding streets, 2,182 enterprises into the ledger, 141 enterprises strict supervision, 12 rounds of full coverage of the inspection will not be soft.When the pressure came one after another, I was tired and anxious, but when I met the snow flying all over the sky in Yanqing Alpine Ski center, when I saw the athletes’ training routine in Shijingshan ski jumping platform, when I saw the five-star red flag to be hung in the ice Cube, spontaneously I was happy, gratified, moved and proud.Fourteen years is a long time, youth into middle age;14 years is very short, as long as the original heart does not change, loyalty remains unchanged, return still young!As the opening link of the Olympic Games, the opening ceremony has always been the highlight of the Olympic Games, but also the focus of peoples attention.To provide a “simple, safe and wonderful” Opening ceremony of Beijing Winter Olympic Games to the world is the goal of all the staff involved in the opening and closing ceremonies.On the evening of January 22, with the successful completion of the full-process and full-factor dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the work of safety production service guarantee for the construction of large-scale temporary facilities and equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympic Games, which I have been responsible for over a year, will also be inspected by people from all over the country and the world.It is a great honor for me.For more than a year, I measured every site of the construction of large-scale temporary facilities and equipment for the opening and closing ceremonies of the National Stadium with solid steps.At important nodes, I led the security team to maintain the normal 24-hour on-site supervision service and safeguard its safety as carefully as they treat their own children.Since January 2021 the indemnity opening and closing ceremonies overlay equipment safety production service security tasks, I lead the municipal, district emergency system service personnel, adhere to the “advance planning, active as, strengthening supervision, service guide” principle, to keep the task before don’t shuffle, contradiction does not shy away from before, mental state not shrink back before difficulties.We stand at the front, conduct field investigation and inspection in a strict and meticulous manner, sort out on-site risk points in advance and formulate supervision plans.We broke through the way, to all the participating units solemnly issued the “safety production supervision letter”, urged all parties to implement the main responsibility of safety production, actively assist the opening and closing ceremony work department to build a “who lead, who is responsible for, who undertake, who is responsible for” safety management pattern.We are willing to study, in the face of complex technical problems of temporary construction, respect the reality, pay close attention to key nodes and key parts, and actively invite experts from all walks of life to carry out centralized inspection in key periods of temporary construction projects, especially to carry out continuous supervision and inspection on the stability of high-altitude wiya and large frame bodies.During the construction stage of large-scale temporary facilities, we held 6 special scheduling meetings on production safety service guarantee and supervision, and carried out more than 120 special law enforcement and inspection actions of “Four investigations”, eliminating all kinds of safety risks in the bud.Now, the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games has entered the countdown stage. Members of the special service support team and I feel a great responsibility and a glorious mission. We will continue to fulfill the task in accordance with the working standard of “perfect and perfect” and ensure that we deliver a satisfactory answer.Wang ping (far right) | fire place secondary researcher through time and space, the scorching summer, the 2008 event in the world, as if in front of judah, “welcome to Beijing” made great river north and south, both inside and outside country, “one world, one dream” expresses the common beautiful home for the Chinese people and people all over the world, with enjoys the civilized achievement,Join hands to create the lofty ideal of the future.In that year, AS a member of the production safety front of the capital, I participated in the “Ten Special actions for safe Olympics”. Together with 13 production safety emergency rescue teams of the city, I escorted the Olympic Games and inspected the emergency rescue equipment and material reserves on the spot to ensure that they were complete and effective.Cooperated with the safety production professional emergency rescue team, carried out a number of emergency drills.It seems like only yesterday that the 800-megabyte radio station was used every day to check the guard status of the frontline duty team.Fourteen years later, the 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics are coming as firmly as the “big footprints” over Beijing on that night in 2008.”Together to the Future” is a pure date of ice and snow and passion. “The more love the world is, the more wonderful it becomes, the more snow falls, the more I can’t wait to enter my heart” expresses the enthusiasm and hospitality, openness and commitment of the whole country.This time, I as a member of the capital emergency forest fire prevention front, can once again for the Olympic Games escort feel infinite glory.For days, we take the actual combat, in the field, big training as the focus, no script, no plan, whole process, all elements of the real soldiers, live-fire, practice, honed skills, inspection field ability, constantly improve the disposal ability, actively prepare for emergency, hold contribute own strength for the Beijing Olympics successfully.Michael chan (third left) | flood level 4 researcher at how many times have victory for Chinese women’s volleyball team in the Olympics again and again and tears, also because of the Olympics the five-star red flag rising once again have a boiling passion, how many times have the heart cries, when the Olympic dream in their country.On July 13, 2001, When Beijing won the bid for the Olympic Games, I did not sleep at all.On August 8, 2008, I had the honor to participate in the meteorological support of the Olympic Games as a meteorologist of the PLA Stationed in Beijing. From the analysis of the data received from the meteorological cloud map, from the observation of the daily meteorological elements to the upload, I looked at the meteorological forecast conclusions obtained through our hard analysis, which could provide reference for the organizers of the Olympic Games to make decisions.I feel proud of my humble contribution to the brilliant blooming of the 100-year Olympic dream.On July 31, 2015, Beijing won the bid to host the 2022 24th Winter Olympic Games, becoming the world’s first “Double Olympic City”, realizing the century-old dream of Chinese people and opening a new starting point for the Olympics.It is Beijing’s commitment to the Olympic family to present a simple, safe and wonderful Olympic Games to the world.Due to the reform and development of the military, I joined the big family of Capital Emergency Response in 2016, engaged in flood control and drought relief work.In 2017, various Olympic venues entered the tense and orderly construction stage, and I was in charge of the flood control and safety of the Winter Olympics project.Flood season, the Olympic stadium construction safety has become my most concerned thing.As part of the competition area is located in the depths of the mountain gully, the mountain microclimate is obvious, many venues are built according to the mountain and gully, and the safety problem of flood prevention becomes prominent after entering the rainy season.I actively coordinated with the Yanqing District government, the engineering headquarters of the competition area and the meteorological department, and guided the establishment of the Flood control sub-headquarters of the Yanqing Winter Olympics Competition area, which was attended by The Yanqing District, relevant construction units and various rescue teams.Formulate emergency plans for flood control, clarify the responsibilities of each flood control body, carry out “wall map operation”, specify lightning protection points, safety points, evacuation routes and storage points of flood control materials.Provisions when the weather department issued a blue warning rainstorm, stop construction and implement hard measures such as evacuation of personnel.Guided the competition area to conduct flood prevention and hedge drills, and made clear evacuation signals, routes, locations and responsible persons to ensure the safety of the engineering and personnel in the competition area.Youth is slipping away, but blood flows forever.I feel very honored to have been personally involved in the security of two Olympic Games.At the same time, I am proud of the prosperity of our country.Wish the Chinese Olympic athletes can get good results in the competition!The bell of the New Year is about to ring the Olympic flame is about to be lit again Beijing emergency personnel will sprint at the closing line “Spring Festival” “Winter Olympics” front line open the Year of the Tiger mode let us embrace a new future together encourage each other to continue the legend Beijing Emergency Management Bureau to send you a happy New Year!I wish you a happy year of the Tiger, peace and prosperity and a happy family!Source: Beijing Municipal Emergency Management Bureau China Emergency Management Report New media Center editor: Pang Shuyue