A shares: China Petroleum, after the holiday will continue to be active?Become the mainstay of the market?

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Today is about the analysis of the industry groups during the Spring Festival, the fourth article oil plate and chat together, talking about oil index, the greatest heavyweight is China’s oil, oil index and almost the same as the stock movements, from the stock market, you can see active index of oil started in the last year, until now, so what will happen after China petroleum operation?Can it become a mainstay of the market?Let me say my point of view for everyone to discuss and exchange.First, it will take some time for Petrochina to become the mainstay of saving the market, which depends on the results of the game between the major players.1. The crocodile hidden in the big weight stocks is too powerful. Due to their different purposes, petrochina cannot become a mainstay in the current trend, which is also determined by its share capital structure., in contrast, the biggest most stocks are almost fired on the day, the shares are hundreds of thousands of petrochina’s shares are only a few dollars, and after a long time, the biggest fired up the stocks to delivery, there is need to support the weight of stocks, five line of play, brokerages can’t literally play, was encumbered with ping an insurance, real estate while low share prices, but are greatly influenced by policy,This foreign investment main selection to choose, not A few eye, also only China oil this A stock market is not popular varieties, play this stock, the risk of foreign investment is not small, play too much, will lead to super main control, do not play big, the impact on the market trend is not big, so this discretion, is also very important.2, the international oil price changes drastically, also makes the Chinese oil once the biggest pariah stocks, earnings growth, be put at the front of the A shares, to be attention, due to its history too notorious, retail is not A lot of attention, nothing really look too, because too much residue in history, and has A bad legend, such as A rose, as long as China’s oilThe market peaked, whenever the main pull the unit, is to cover the other main escape, these labels have been stuck in the face of China’s oil, so there are not many optimistic people, and even from the media big V are disdain to speak of this cheating and playing with women’s feelings of man.3. The lower the share price of a stock is, the more obvious its value is, and it cannot become a mainstay of the market in the near future.On January 13, the stock last year forecasts issued last year, net profit of record of 7 years, according to public data, the stock in the third quarter earnings per share 0.41 yuan, dynamic 9 times earnings, net asset per share 6.81 yuan, no problem of blue-chip market blue-chip stocks, the current share price of 5.02 yuan, the various aspects of performance belongs to high quality stocks, which is the stock fell into silence after seven years,A big reason to be seen again by big money.Second, China petroleum and oil index after the holiday trend forecast, its trend in the medium and long term is still bottom of the process, the mainstay is still too early.1. A brief review of the trend of CNPC in the past year.After the stock price hit a new record low of 3.83 yuan in February, the stock started on April 27 last year and appeared a wave of ladder rising trend. In May, the stock rose by 9.18% with a amplitude of 15.38%, in June, 17.27%, in July, down by 11%, in August and September, up by 31%, and adjusted until now in October.Share prices are back near their stage high of last June.Last year, the stock rose four months in a row and was up 47% overall.2, The trend analysis of China petroleum after the holiday, can continue to be active?Market short – term stop, but the stock may not stop.From the perspective of the stock trend, the stock trend in January and the market is contrary, which is caused by the main fund protection, in January also hit a recent new high of 5.58 yuan, which did not effectively prevent the stock 60-day average line through the 120 moving average, once again confirmed the rise of China oil, is to cover the main flight speculation.It is the next wear, also indicates that the unit will enter a short – and medium-term adjustment, from the 60 minutes chart, the unit 4.8- 5 yuan between a certain support, in the first day after the section will be a anti – extraction, homeopathic repair short-term technical indicators.To sum up.Petrochina is not yet a mainstay of the broader market.As for can become the mainstay, main is not a word, the equity structure, also determines who is the real key, it’s from the monthly indicators analysis, at present the stock is still in the bottom of the history, in the up out of the bottom, and then shock stage, medium and long term can focus on, in February, the stock gradually into the quiet period, monthly technical indicators are also in need of repair.(This article is my exclusive release in toutiao number, no reprint!Personal views, only for reference, for fans and friends to exchange, not as a basis for investment!