A girl was slapped 54 times in 3 minutes.What lessons should be learned

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What lessons should the 12 students and their parents learn from this?A girl was slapped 54 times in the face in 3 minutes and 12 people were punished, the head teacher was punished and the vice principal was dismissed.On March 21, a netizen’s video revealed that several girls in a school involved in the incident insulted and beat another girl in broad daylight by slapping her face, pulling her hair, kicking her feet and throwing a bottle of beer on others’ heads.The incident sparked outrage and heated debate after it was revealed on video.The video shows that in three minutes, the girl was slapped 54 times in the face by several other girls, but she did not fight back.Recently, the handling of the incident has borne fruit.According to public information, the incident took place in Yingshang County in Fuyang city, Anhui Province, Gucheng Town Central School, the victim and the attacker are seven (3) class of the school students.The main cause of the incident is the physical education class, the victim and others conflict, after school was beaten by a number of students.By the doctor’s appraisal, the beaten body did not find obvious scars.According to the notice, at present, the public security organs have been involved in violence in the ancient town center school of the seventh grade students liang mou and other 12 people punished according to law.Among them, Chen (14) was put under administrative detention for 10 days, and the other 11 were not punished because they were under 14.It is reported, after yingshangxian education working Committee research, decided to the ancient town central school in charge of vice principal Wang mou demerit punishment, removed its vice principal position, give involved in the class teacher Zheng mou demerit punishment.Although the bad behavior of insulting and abusing others has been dealt with as a result, the school, teachers and parents, especially the 12 students involved, should reflect on this incident and draw profound lessons from it.As a person who insulted and abused others, I guess when I beat and abused others at the scene, I didn’t have any feeling, experience and pain in my heart.But after this incident, when these people saw the live video at that time, I do not know how to feel?Have you ever asked yourself how you feel when someone treats you like this?For the 12 students involved, although most of them are still young, to some extent, not too sensible, but as the parents of the 12 students, I believe that after watching the scene of the beating, I will certainly feel empathy.The same parents, I believe that will be beaten with the parents of the students, will be beaten that girl complain, must be very distressed that was beaten and scolded the girl.I believe that through this incident, parents should be more strict with their children.As a school and teachers to train and educate students, I believe that they will further draw inferences from this incident, strengthen the education guidance and management of students, and constantly strengthen the construction of teachers’ ethics and school spirit, so as to put an end to the recurrence of this phenomenon.