Zhangjiajie city deployed to create national food safety demonstration city risk monitoring and campus food safety work

2022-06-16 0 By

On the afternoon of February 17th, Zhangjiajie City risk monitoring and campus food safety group held a meeting to create a national food safety demonstration city in the conference room on the third floor of the municipal government.Qin Pingwu, deputy secretary general of municipal People’s Government attended the meeting and gave a speech. The meeting was presided over by Peng Xu, member of CPC Working Committee and Deputy Director of Municipal Health Commission.Leaders and liaison officers from municipal Health Commission, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Public Security Bureau and Municipal Urban Management Bureau attended the meeting.At the meeting, Peng Xu conveyed the spirit of documents related to the establishment of food safety demonstration city by the Municipal Committee and the municipal government, and interpreted the work plan of Risk monitoring and campus Food safety Group of Zhangjiajie City to create a national food safety demonstration city and the responsibility breakdown table.The organization structure of the group and the task of establishing each member unit were clarified, and the work plan of risk monitoring and campus food safety group was formed.Leaders in charge of each member unit made a statement.To rapidly implement to create a national food safety demonstration city, the city created national food safety demonstration city of food safety risk monitoring and campus group decided to set up a leading group, by the municipal people’s government, deputy mayor Chen coalesced, Qin Pingwu, deputy secretary-general of the municipal people’s government, the city health committee, the municipal education bureau chief deputy team leader,The municipal Health Commission and The Municipal Education Bureau are in charge and serve as deputy executive leaders. The Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Health Commission, Municipal Comprehensive Law Enforcement Bureau of Urban Management, and Municipal Public Security Bureau are members. The Municipal Health Commission is set up in the office of the leading group to be responsible for specific organization, coordination, liaison and scheduling.The meeting called for strengthening organizational leadership.We should refine the division of labor, implement responsibilities, and put into effect all the measures to create work.To establish standards for the standard country, responsible for the organization and implementation of the system;Layer upon layer of responsibility.Standardize the implementation of food safety territorial management responsibility, level by level clear management scope, refine the decomposition of work tasks, clear responsibility leadership, responsible person and time nodes, one level of supervision, layer upon layer grasp implementation;Stick to the standards and tables.To aim at the work objectives, to “keep the bottom line to prevent food safety accidents, improve the level of food safety security” as the overall goal, one by one to implement the creation of indicators;We will strengthen supervision and assessment.Carry out regular work supervision, evaluation and assessment, and regularly report the progress of work;We should conduct in-depth publicity and guidance.We should innovate publicity methods, strengthen publicity guidance, continuously and deeply publicize the creation concept, measures and results, improve people’s satisfaction and consumer confidence, and create a strong atmosphere of “Food safety city depends on everyone and food safety city is for everyone” to ensure the success of the establishment.