Xinyi City Management Bureau: “Vegetable basket” blooms a new “appearance level”, adding “splendor” to the construction of civilized city

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Farmers market is an important place for residents to supply “vegetable basket”, and also an important window for the image of urban civilization.In recent years, Xinyi City Management Bureau has closely centered on the decisions and arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government, adhered to the principle of “serving the people, facilitating the people and benefiting the people”, and coordinated the construction of “vegetable basket” benefiting the people project according to the standard of civilized city construction.As a key project for people’s livelihood in Xinyi city in 2021, agricultural Products Market of Zangwei East Road in south City has been concerned by the masses. In January 2022, the market was completed and put into use, with a total construction area of 3825 square meters, 49 facade rooms and 50 stalls of all kinds.Advanced “Internet + farmers market” the wisdom of the operating model, to build a set of “information bulletin, product traceability, price supervision and detection, networking, intelligent monitoring” the wisdom of the functions in one comprehensive information management platform, a farmers’ market to achieve the “appearance” and “meaning” double ascension, for helping create added “glorious” civilized city.Entering the gate of the farmers’ Market on Zangwei East Road in the south of the city, the staff are scanning codes for verification, wearing masks and carrying out environmental disinfection in an orderly manner at the entrance of the market. Intelligent temperature monitors and epidemic prevention and control slogans stand out prominently.In the market, the orderly layout of stalls, clean and refreshing market environment, intelligent and convenient hardware facilities, open and transparent consumption environment and other dazzling, civilized city propaganda slogans can be seen everywhere.Have learned, the paper selects xinyi city urban management bureau in order to seriously implement the “national civilized city assessment system” as the main line, focusing on short, stop up the leaks, strong or weak, to raise the farmer’s market quality work and safety production, combining the epidemic prevention and control and improve the market internal environmental health, the good faith construction, service content, such as civilization, real ready a farmers’ market qualitative transformation the livelihood of the people, the popular project.”I used to sell fruit on the road, and then came to the south of the city temporary dredging point business, although the environment is slightly better than in the roadside, but can not avoid the wind and sun, the heart is not secure, unlike here, the whole market is clean and bright, no longer need to wind and sun, business is good, the heart is secure.”At 4 PM on March 28, 60-year-old Xie Tangxia was expertly weighing and settling accounts for customers. Fresh fruits were neatly placed on the stand.Many stall owners like Xie Tangxia, who used to be mobile vendors or operate in temporary evacuation points, have now finally moved into “new homes” and become fixed stall owners from mobile temporary vendors.”It is very convenient for us to come here to repair and buy food.”The citizen pays miao to say with satisfaction.Dong Lian dai is concentrating on mending clothes for customers in the convenient shoe repair shop.Not only that, the market also added a rest area, reading area, food area, tea room, not only let the “vegetable basket” into the local characteristics, but also retain the “fireworks”.”The environment here is good, clean, and the food supply is good. This year, people come here to buy food.”Citizen Zhang Zhiyong also expressed satisfaction with the market environment and food supply.In zangwei East Road, south of the city, the market is designed in strict accordance with the zoning rules for dry and wet separation of the market, and the live poultry slaughtering area is designed in accordance with the separation of three areas, which is mainly divided into dry grain and oil products area, cooked food area, seafood and aquatic products area, fruit area, vegetable area, food area, convenience area and other areas.The booth adopts external hanging sink and sticking root sink, which is convenient for washing and cleaning water.The service-oriented management concept is firmly established in the management, and the transformation from managing merchants to serving merchants is realized. The “five unified” merchant management of “unified vest, unified shelf, unified payment code, unified intelligent scale, unified freight tool” is implemented to integrate and build a high-quality service platform for merchants to share.The market is equipped with four administrators, three security guards, a market customer service and a garbage removal staff, adopt the “five fixed” market personnel management work method of “fixed personnel, fixed post, timing, fixed responsibility, standard”, and conscientiously implement the market sanitary cleaning, live poultry supervision, disinfection and other work tasks.Characterized by “intelligence, intelligence, standardization and transparency”, it focuses on the “five terminal” platform of software system “government supervision terminal, market management terminal, merchant dedicated terminal, civilian user terminal and marketing terminal”.Supporting hardware facilities of “high-performance intelligent scale, intelligent large screen in public areas, standardized food testing room, human flow detection equipment, intelligent temperature detector” “five hardware” equipment, to achieve a perfect combination of data collection and food safety traceability.In addition, the farmers’ market is also equipped with motor vehicle parking Spaces, non-motor vehicle parking Spaces, fitness and entertainment venues as one of the “park-style” supporting standards, to create a good shopping environment for citizens, so that citizens can carry their “vegetable basket” more convenient and comfortable.Next, Xinyi City Management Bureau will continue to adhere to the combination of long-term and fine management of the farmers’ market, improve the management level and the degree of civilization integration, so that the farmers’ market become a new “bright spot” of xinyi city civilization.(Source: Xinyi People’s Government website)