What does a 5G shield consist of?

2022-06-16 0 By

At present, with the rapid development of mobile communication technology, the fifth generation mobile communication technology has come to us.5G mobile communication network has the characteristics of large bandwidth, low delay and high security, and will become the main mobile communication network after 4G. However, 5g mobile network brings convenience to people’s life, but also produces some problems that can not be ignored.For example, in some cases, the use of 5G mobile network has brought trouble to people, and even security risks, in this case, 5G shielding came into being.In the era of 5G everything interconnection, the previous traditional wireless signal shielding scheme can no longer meet the requirements of signal suppression, and the traditional wireless signal shielding is easy to interfere with the base station, once the base station is interfered, the impact will be very bad.The 5G shield (take “Shengma” SMA-818B5 5G shield as an example) includes antenna, signal processor and power supply;The antenna is connected with the signal processor, and the power supply is connected with the signal processor;The signal processor consists of an interactive RF processing module and baseband processing module, housing, power cord, radiator, and fan.The interference signal intensity generated by a 5G mask only needs to be 3db higher than that of a 5G public network to fully implement the mask, while the signal intensity generated by a traditional mask needs to be about 8db higher than that of a 5G public network.By interfering downlink wireless signals such as the main downlink synchronous signal PSS and auxiliary synchronous signal SSS of 5G air port and the reference signal DMRS of PBCH of broadcast channel, the terminals are prevented from accessing the 5G wireless network without interfering 5g uplink signal and having no impact on the base station.The transmitted shielded signal only takes up a small amount of time-frequency resources, which can greatly reduce the power of 5G shielding device, making it environmentally friendly and efficient.