Weather forecast: today is the beginning of spring solar term, the weather is good or rain, look at the proverb how to say

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Weather forecast: Today is the start of Spring solar term, the weather is good or rain, look at the proverb how to say.Today is the fourth day of the first lunar month. We are still celebrating the Spring Festival. Today is the start of Spring solar term.It is the first of the 24 solar terms, indicating the beginning of a New Year. The 24 solar terms start the cycle again.Is it a sunny day?Or rain?Look at the sayings left by our ancestors.Spring rain, wet to tomb-sweeping day.First look at the start of Spring solar term this day rain, what omen?Ok?What does the proverb say?Said: “The spring rain, wet to the tomb-sweeping day.”It seems that the beginning of Spring solar term this day rainy weather, such weather will continue, the weather will be rainy, intermittent to the Tomb-sweeping day, it seems that the time is not short, the beginning of spring solar term is the first month, and tomb-sweeping day is the beginning of March, two months or so, the duration of rain is longer, not necessarily a good thing!Take a look at the following proverb.Our ancestors’ practical experience crystallized, saying: “The beginning of spring is clear, a spring is clear.”Contrary to the above proverb, if it rains on the day of Start of Spring, it falls on Tomb-sweeping Day.However, if the start of Spring solar term is sunny on this day, the whole spring will be warm and sunny.The beginning of spring sunny day, the farmer ploughing effortlessly.The beginning of spring rain, rain;The beginning of spring is sunny, the spring is sunny, see what effect it has on spring ploughing and spring sowing, the proverb goes.Old saying: “Spring sunny day, farmers plow effortlessly.”There you go!The beginning of spring this sunny day, is a good omen, in the farming era, conducive to people’s spring sowing and farming, and ploughing effortless, is not a good year with good weather!Take a look at the rain on this day, what is the impact on agricultural production.Farmer’s proverb: “Spring cow head in the water, the farmer sorrow.”In farming times, on the day of The start of Spring, activities such as flogging the spring ox were carried out. Spring ox was an important helper of spring sowing and farming in the past, and every household could not live without it.It rains on the day of The start of Spring, and people worry that it will be difficult to cultivate and sow crops if it rains every day, which will affect the sowing and harvest of grain crops.3, the start of spring weather is sunny, everything good harvest spring sunny day conducive to crop cultivation sowing, it seems that the harvest is in sight, the start of spring rain affects the spring ploughing work.As the proverb goes, “The beginning of spring brings fine weather and a good harvest.”Spring is the revival of all things, the earth spring, flowers bloom.If the start of Spring is sunny, it indicates that spring is sunny and thick, which is conducive to the healthy growth of all kinds of crops.However, if it rains on the day of Start of Spring, the situation is the opposite.As the old saying goes: “Spring is cloudy for 100 days, and firewood is as precious as gold”.The day of the start of Spring is rainy, so it indicates that spring rain is more, the weather is naturally cold, water shortage and sunshine, heating and cold firewood and food are affected, the price increases, is not the weather people like.Summary Just as our ancestors said in practice, “The beginning of spring is best sunny day, good weather”, which shows that in the agricultural era, people rely on the weather to eat, live on the ground, is the good weather people look forward to.New era, new fashion, proverbs focus on reference, in learning, people have entered a well-off society, every household grain full!Happy life!Here, I wish you all a prosperous and prosperous Year of the Tiger.