Ukraine, Japan over America?Kishida shouted at Russia and China from a distance, and Putin’s warning was imminent

2022-06-16 0 By

Japan is in a very clever position, facing China and Russia across the sea.As we all know, Japan is highly dependent on the United States for its military. Although the national economy is developing well, Japan has no autonomy in military and other fields.Compared with such military powers as China and Russia, Japan is nothing to worry about. However, it is strange that President Joe Biden emboldened Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida during their meeting and emboldened Japan to engage in a “two-front war” with China and Russia.Crazy Japan?Japan has once again taken up the Issue of the Taiwan Straits and frequently hyped it up. This is undoubtedly gross interference in China’s internal affairs and goes against the agreements signed between the two countries when they established diplomatic relations.Japan’s sudden belligerence against China is surprising, especially after Mr. Kishida’s repeated overtures to China, and even his attempts to put out the fire on behalf of Mr. Abe, seem to have no intention of antagonizing China at all.As it stands, however, what Mr Kishida is doing is provoking China.In addition to provoking China, Kishida’s government even said that Japan would fully support any action taken by The United States in the event of a Russian military invasion of Ukraine.He also said he would maintain close cooperation with the United States and take strong action against all acts of aggression.For Japan’s statement, The Russian side is very confused, but also think Japan is very unwise.Japan is clearly threatening Russia, but how could Russia accept this, frankly speaking, it will only backfire.The Russian side warned Japan that Kishida’s remarks are very irrational and will lead to damage to japan-Russia relations, and will have a serious negative impact on their dialogue. What is Japan’s intention?Provoking Both China and Russia at the same time is crazy and unconscionable. Almost no country would take such a risk, even the US rarely does.According to the analysis, Japan to Russia’s aggression more like posturing to the United States, in fact is not really want to challenge Russia, after all, now is the hour that Russia is particularly angry, Japan forward gather together at this time, really confusing, so there is sound, points out that Japan’s so-called “action” does not occur, only will be confined to verbal support.The best course for Japan would surely be to sit on neither side, but whether Japan, which has long been beholden to America, can do that is questionable.But there is no doubt that neither China nor Russia has any need to tolerate Japan, and will not be polite if Japan does cross the line.Sources for some information: