The “iron rice bowl” has a large talent gap and can earn as much as 200,000 yuan a year, more than some civil servants

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At present, nearly half of the graduates will go to take the public exam or the exam. The huge number of graduates intensifies the competition, and 1/1000 of many positions are on shore. Even though the country will expand enrollment every year, thousands of enrollment quotas are just a drop in the ocean in front of the army of the public exam.There is such a position in the system, there is a big talent gap, the salary is also very good, but it has been little-known, few students apply for.This “iron rice bowl” talent gap is very large, the annual salary is expected to reach 200,000 prison guards as one of the “iron rice bowl” positions, in the past has been for police academy students to carry out internal recruitment, but later due to a large job gap, began to face the social recruitment.Most people’s understanding of the work of prison guards still stays at the level of prison police. As an important part of the people’s police, the work content of prison guards, including prison and criminal personnel management, execution of penalties, reform of criminal personnel, etc., there are also provisions on work focus, duty system, and salary and other aspects.Because of the particularity of their work, the salary will be much higher than that of some posts in the system.Together, the bonuses are expected to exceed 200,000 yuan a year. Of course, each region is affected by the level of economic development, and the salary treatment is slightly different. The annual income of prison guards in super first-tier developed cities can even reach 300,000 yuan.Whether they are students of the police academy or social personnel, once admitted to the prison police, they will face two job choices: one is the post of discipline in the prison district, the other is the post of supervision in the office.The work of prison guards is still very hard, they need to take turns on duty, often need to add night shifts, the working environment is relatively depressed, in the face of human nature is low, need excellent physical and psychological quality.The entry threshold of prison guards is lower than that of civil servants. In terms of education, college students can apply for the examination. The age requirement is under 30 years old, and the age can be relaxed to 40 years old if they have a graduate degree.Candidates who have graduated from the police academy or studied prison management or other related majors have a big advantage and may be admitted early.The registration process of prison guards is similar to that of the national examination. Candidates can register online and take part in the examination after preliminary examination. The examination is divided into two parts: written examination and interview.Compared with the physical examination for the exam, the physical examination for the recruitment of prison guards is more strict. Candidates will be physically tested. Only those who reach the standard can enter the next round of selection.When entering the political examination this link, the examinee must face the political examination content, is also more rigorous than the civil servant post, this is easier to understand, the subordinate post of the public security department, as the law enforcer, the family name is white, so as to serve the public.Candidates who have criminal punishment experience or have been fired from public office are not allowed to pass the political examination.Candidates whose immediate family members are in prison or under criminal investigation cannot pass the political examination.If the identity of the collateral relatives is doubtful, or there are illegal crimes, if the circumstances are serious, the probability will also affect the examinee’s political review.Not all students are suitable for the job of prison guard. The job of prison guard is quite special, it is harder than the job of civil servant, even though the salary is higher, few students are willing to apply for the job, and not all students are qualified for the job of prison guard.Guards only recruit from inside the police before, because the police, no matter from physical fitness, body quality and professional ability, more up to the job of a prison guards, and social enroll staff, also need to training, before enter oneself for an examination, and if the guards work without some understanding, may also after the mount guard cannot adapt to the working environment, leaving it well,If the psychological impact, the loss is more than the gain.Students with good physical fitness and strong psychological quality can be competent to work as prison guards.Lack of knowledge can be made up by further study. Physical strength and physical quality are two things that cannot be trained for a while. Students who are more optimistic and outgoing will be more suitable for this job.Boys are more suitable for the job than girls.As an office staff is ok, but if you are in a correctional position, the prison does not see the sun all the year around, some boys may not be able to adapt to this working environment, let alone the girls who are physically more special.The nature of the work of the prison guard is not nine-to-five, which is flexible and irregular. It is difficult for girls to take into account their families and they may not be able to go home for several consecutive days. Many girls also mind this.Conclusion: Success is also xiao He, failure is also Xiao He, prison guards work hard, but it is because of hard, so the salary and treatment will be high, as for whether to register for this post, students need to measure whether they can meet the recruitment threshold, and can adapt to this job.Interactive topic: Which “iron rice bowl” position do you think is more popular?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section.