Somebody else’s kid always beats you up for me

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Zhao piglet after two and a half years old, temper becomes eccentric, emotional tension, stubborn, not obedient, to everything is consistent, often against their will, and their own.For example, he used to promise to watch an episode of cartoon every day, now he will say yes, but after watching, he will say: I still want to watch, I still want to watch.For example, if he asks his mother to ring the doorbell and open the door himself, he will ask his mother to close the door and ring the doorbell again until he can open it himself.For example, he doesn’t want to walk and just lies on the ground. Sometimes I deliberately walk without seeing him, and he runs ahead of me to lie down. When I walk into the elevator, he gets up and runs into the elevator to lie down again.For example, he promised to take the blanket home from school, but when he took a nap the next day, he wanted to take the blanket back to school, I told him this is his own agreement, he will say: I will go home to pick the blanket (he has the habit of eating hand to pick the blanket when sleeping).For example, he knows it’s someone else’s toy and can’t destroy someone else’s toy.But he just “know not to be for”, must destroy, and do not want to apologize!…I did struggle with it for a while, and I got cranky because of it, and sometimes IN a rush I would just rudely carry him away.Sometimes IN order to get him to solve problems and he would not face them, I would hold him tightly and would not let him leave.However, all this seems to be to no avail.Until one day…One day, he was playing with his favorite sister, Ren Ai. In order to attract her attention, he threw her favorite crown to the ground and broke it.Sister saw this scene, want to cry heart have.I comforted her and then led him to apologize to her. However, he refused to apologize and deliberately kicked her, which made her very angry.At that time, I took this problem very seriously and took him aside to sit quietly. Of course, he was ungrateful and didn’t know what to say: I won’t sit down, I won’t apologize, I’ll kick her!There was a long standoff, but he still wouldn’t apologize.Kindhearted sister’s mother swallow, saw this behind the scenes worry that it is too late to go back to rest, just want to guide her daughter to forgive zhao piggy or tomorrow to solve the problem.And I stopped her from doing that.At this time, the sister ran into the room to play, and he also wanted to go in to play, but the sister did not want him to go into the room to play, he refused to let him out of the door, he felt rejected, but insisted on breaking in, so the sister pushed him away again, they come and go, in the experience of each other’s strength, and did not concede.Midway Zhao xiaozhu also not small heart met the door, bang, my heart also clunked.In normal times, we all expected him to cry, and the Swallow wanted to intervene to ask her to apologize, but I also stopped him, I wanted to observe what he would do.At this time I saw him pause for a while, and then continue to move forward to go into the room, I told the swallow: now his inner pain is more than the pain of the body, we should pay more attention to his heart?This time, too, he was rebuffed by sister Kindhearted.My sister quickly ran back to her room and shut the door!At this time zhao xiaozhu, looking at the door was slammed shut, he immediately fell back in my arms, crying!I know. He’s about to start growing up.Because his self-esteem has been hurt, his preconceptions have been challenged!I comforted him at once. Do you know why Sister Love would not let you into her room?He answered, in tears, I have broken her crown.I told him: Yeah, yeah, so what can we do?He did not answer.I continued to guide him: We can fix the crown somehow, and apologize to your sister, and if she forgives you, she may open the door.Then he nodded, took me by the hand, came to the door and knocked on it.May I come in?Sister Kindhearted overheard, and answered, No!Then Zhao continued to look at me helplessly.I encouraged him to continue.He continued, but his sister would not open the door.When the chips are down, you can’t help your son.I deliberately said to the sister in the room: alas, since the sister does not forgive, that we walked.Seconds later, as I had expected, the door opened…Zhao pig is very wise to run in, playing with the toy sister said: love sister, SORRY, I help you repair the crown!Unexpectedly, his sister refused his help. I could see that she forgave a little, but she was still a little disappointed.Zhao piggy is still a little worried, he hurriedly said: no, I will help you repair.I could see he was afraid his sister would not forgive him!I gave him a hint in his ear, and he immediately had an idea and said: Shall I give you another beautiful thing?This time, my sister nodded.I saw zhao pig in a good mood, said to me: mom, love sister forgive me…I laughed happily!Back home, under our common discussion, decided to send sister a pink crown.And he decided to tell her the news the next day.That night, before going to bed, he suddenly asked me, “Mom, do people get angry?Do girls get angry too?I suddenly woke up to the fact that his mind of “doing something against others” was to explore other people’s emotions and gain others’ recognition, so he knew that he could not do it!The next day, the garden came to a little sister, love sister only to take care of the little sister, and ignored next to the zhao pig, and zhao pig and very want to close to the sister (he thought his sister completely forgive him), he pushed his sister away and sat next to his sister.This angered her sister, she actually pointed to Zhao pig said: I don’t like you, please leave!As soon as I spoke it was obvious that his heart was broken again.I’ve been moping around all morning, picking fights.Until the afternoon drama class, the children put on silk scarves, Zhao Xiaozhu saw his sister also brought silk scarves, invited me to help him put on a cape.Then I had a brainwave and told everyone: now the prince is going to choose the princess.Did not expect zhao piggy will immediately my meaning, happily blurted out: I want to choose love sister!Then he ran over and hugged her.I could see a smile on sister Kindhearted’s lips.Later he thought of a way, he let the teachers also wear silk scarves when the princess, and then under the eyes of the public and chose the love sister (teachers inexplicably became a spare tire), then the love sister, is really greatly satisfied with vanity!She completely forgave zhao xiaozhu, two people officially entered the “palace of marriage”!…After the ups and downs of the story, I am full of gratitude to my sister ah, because she solved the problem I could not solve!She let Zhao piggy “every time, undefeated” experience was crumpled, he began to think, in fact, not every girl can tolerate him, he can not squander others to his tolerance.Not every rule can be broken, and not everyone is afraid to “punch” him like mom!This time he was hurt, so that he experienced the emotions of others, also empathized with the pain of others, and also learned how to get forgiveness from others, and even how to make the injured people happy.That’s great!Keep up the good work!