Lang Ping in makeup is unrecognizable, elegant in cape and red dress, middle-aged beauty quite natural

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# 16 (# fashion institute club for temperament outfit collocation, young girls because of the advantage of young, even as the colour of simple but elegant when collocation can wear the fashion sense, but for middle-aged women, temperament wear is often show the ordinary and commonplace, for middle-aged women temperament collocation is need certain collocation technique.Lang Ping’s temperament and dress retro and beautiful, let a person subvert the traditional impression of her.In the wearing of girls for temperament is wearing limitations, how to wear more bright this article for everyone to share middle-aged female temperament to wear.How to break traditional temperament to wear the limitation colourful color department collocation to temperament to wear the dress that build, a lot of girls are in wear to go up is to use traditional wear build skill, use plain color department or it is low saturated color, actually temperament wears build also can use colourful color department.In the collocation that colourful color fastens, it is not pixel color fastens so all match, it is the style that needs to bring according to colour, see whether accord with the color of skin of schoolgirls and temperament.Most gorgeous colors are mainly warm color collocation, so when we choose gorgeous color style, we should know that color belongs to the style, so as to better match temperament style.Lang Ping in makeup is unrecognizable, elegant in cape and red dress, middle-aged beauty quite natural.The colour that also is having all match inside colourful color department, that is the most make public and gorgeous red department namely, the colour of red also is having all match style to age.So if middle-aged women want to wear flamboyant style clothes, solid colors of red will definitely stand out.And in the choice of red department style, we can be extended with red style, pink, peach and a series of derivative colors are having red gorgeous, and red versatile effect.The collocation minefield of gorgeous color goes up to the collocation of gorgeous color, it is to need certain skill, because the gorgeous color is in confluence other color so it is weaker, want to wear gorgeous color to give advanced feeling so, we must choose pure color department, use jewelry and design to decorate style.Gals department is in tie-in headjewelry respect is given priority to with argent mostly, because argent qingliang is can suppress the strong visual wallop that colourful color department place brings.If you want the overall style to be more prominent, we can also choose gold jewelry, because gold is a metal texture, so it also has a metal texture, when matching colorful clothes will also make colorful color become stable and mature.The style of clothing for temperament clothing in the collocation is also a certain style of selection.For middle-aged girls, when we are choosing clothes, we should pay attention to the composed and mature dress performance.For young girls, we should avoid the old style when choosing the style. For middle-aged women, we can match the style of the cape with the matching of the dress skirt. The round collar with the cape will highlight the stability and maturity of middle-aged women.And this kind of cloak style dress will be more decorative effect, for the shoulders and neck line is not good for the United States eyebrow, is to play a block effect.Lang Ping’s temperament was so good that she wore a cloak skirt to show her well-proportioned figure without any middle-aged greasy feeling.In the overall dress collocation, we should pay attention to the length of the skirt if we choose the hip-wrapped style. For middle-aged women, the hip-wrapped dress must choose the middle-length style.Because the skirt of bag buttock of medium long design has the beauty of short paragraph already and elegant, have medium long design again mature and sedate.The style is more stylish and visually appealing in combination with the cape style.For suits, most of us will use the collocation of dark color in the collocation, because the collocation of dark color is better with suits, because the formal style and texture of dark color is better with suits.If you want to make the style of the suit more attractive and fashionable, we can choose the very popular linen color.This kind of color is biased at gray attune, on the visual effect is more have cool effect.For the temperament collocation of girls, more advanced sense.Black dress with color ribbon in the overall temperament of the wind collocation, if we choose the traditional classic style, dark dress as the main collocation, although the integration of style and elements will be relatively limited, but we can accessories into the integration.In the collocation of accessories, we choose ribbon with temperament style, using ribbon color style to shape the overall image.In the ribbon collocation, we choose the long style, using the printing color style of the ribbon to create an image of fresh activity.For temperament, we should not be limited to the traditional collocation mode, we should integrate the current trend and fashion items for the overall collocation, to create a different style and visual impact.Have the demand of the United States eyebrow people quickly collect this article.