In the chant for plum poetry, MAO Zedong’s chant for plum can be said to lead the way!

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MAO Zedong is the greatest politician, thinker and philosopher in modern times, but also the most outstanding poet and calligrapher in modern times.”Divination · Ode to Plum blossom” is also one of MAO Zedong’s most famous poems. He organically integrated the natural beauty of plum blossom with the beauty admired by people, reaching the highest realm of “unity of nature and man”.The word in the symbol, personification, foil, metaphor, exaggeration, antithesis and other rhetorical devices used very clever, really write plum blossom full of unique personality and humble selfless noble moral character, perfect to achieve the purpose of the object to express ambition, to achieve a high model of art.MAO Zedong read Lu You’s poem ode to plum blossoms and used it against its meaning.Wind and rain send spring, snow to spring.Is already cliff ice, still have beautiful branches.Qiao also do not contend for spring, only to the spring to report.When the flowers are in full bloom, she laughs in the bushes.Notes: Ice: Describes extremely cold.Jude: Still, still.Qiao: pretty, beautiful appearance.Brilliant: bright and beautiful colors.Clump: in blooming flowers.After reading Lu You’s “Bu Operator · Yong Mei”, I wrote this poem with its original meaning.The wind and rain will send away the winter, swirl of snow and bring spring.It is the season when the cliff sets icicles of 100 zhang, but there are still plum blossoms.The beautiful plum blossom does not compete for the beauty of spring, but sent the news of spring.When the mountains and fields are covered with flowers, plum blossom is laughing in the flowers.This word shapes the beautiful and indomitable image of plum blossom, encouraging people to have a strong and unyielding spirit and revolutionary optimism.Upper tie down mainly write plum blossom proud cold open beautiful posture, depict plum blossom beauty, positive and firmness;Down the spirit that basically writes wintersweet appearance, behaved wintersweet firm and indomitable, not fear cold, be full of confidence to spring and modest style, also suggested communist heroic struggle is before, enjoy life hind lofty virtue and the great spirit of selfless dedication.Snow plum welcomes Spring and Summer Hou Yu’s herald of spring, known as Mei, has the best spirit to fly in snow and snow.Little fragrance mountain trees, often drunk pour spring thunder.Poem by Xiahou Yu Xue Mei Xiahou Yu Lu You [Song Dynasty] The bridge is broken outside yi, lonely and ownless.Is the dusk alone sorrow, more wind and rain.No intention of bitter contention for spring, a group of envy (DU).Zero completion of the mud grind (niǎn) dust, only as good as ever.Lu You’s poem is a metaphor for people with objects. Although the plum blossom has been destroyed by wind and rain, lu you’s poem is a metaphor for his unique personality and noble sentiment, which is never vulgar and never yield to the power. However, Chairman MAO’s prediction and ode to plum blossom is much higher, showing the optimistic and positive revolutionary sentiment in the new era.