Douyin has helped reunite more than 500 separated families

2022-06-16 0 By

Recently, Douyin Search announced that it has helped reunite more than 500 separated families.Tiktok transforms traditional missing person notices into short videos of missing people in tens of seconds, and sends them to tiktok users in regions related to missing or abducted people to help them find their family members.The latest success story is Zhou Tianpeng.On February 5, 2022, he arrived in Xianlong Town of Chongqing from Henan province and reunited with his family, who had been separated for 30 years.Just see parents, Zhou Tianpeng knelt down to knock three rings.Thirty years ago, in February 1992, his mother took three-year-old Zhou Tianpeng to the market. She went to the toilet in the middle and zhou Tianpeng was lost when he came out.Zhou Tianpeng was abducted to a village in Dengfeng, Henan Province, and searched for his family for 17 years before finally finding a home with the help of Ganbiao, a neighboring town in Sichuan Province.Gan Biao, owner of a barbecue restaurant in Linshui County, is also a douyin search volunteer.Since 2018, he has helped 15 lost and abducted people return home by Posting videos on Tiktok.In August 2021, Zhou Tianpeng sent douyin a private message to Gan Biao, trying to find his biological parents.Under the encouragement of Ganbiao, Zhou Tianpeng production of their own out of the camera video, about the story of the search.After several twists and turns, the cousin of chongqing home to see.On January 30, 2022, zhou tianpeng found his biological parents after a successful comparison of blood samples.According to the relevant person in charge, Douyin search joint public welfare organizations, news media and volunteers from all over the world, with the help of Douyin’s platform, users and technological advantages, to help the search for relatives.For example, Liu Hongtao, the village director of Bihu village in Zhongmou County, Henan Province, has used Douyin to help more than 100 separated families reunite over the years.In less than three years, Yu Huiping, a volunteer of let Love Come Home, has helped more than 40 strays home with Douyin.Tiktok’s search is a sub-project of Toutiao’s search.Toutiao Search was launched by Toutiao in February 2016. The core of toutiao search is the distribution of information based on geographical location accurate pop-up technology, and it is committed to helping various separated families to reunite with scientific and technological means.The project has launched sub-projects such as “Cross-strait Search for Relatives”, “Search for descendants of martyrs” and “Tiktok Search for Relatives”, constantly expanding the types of search for relatives, and becoming one of the largest Internet public welfare search platforms.Cover news reporter Guo Wenjuan