Chen Kun’s blue eyes during Spring Festival Gala?Would it break your heart to know what he’s been through

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Many female friends around me, after watching the Spring Festival Gala, have a common feeling to Chen Kun, he is not happy.Although it is true that the CCTV Spring Festival Gala does not have the bottom line, but there is no rule must be a serious poker face.For example, Deng Chao, although it is the first time to participate in the Spring Festival Gala, but he is old people skipping, very funny sense, praise.In contrast, Chen Kun, the four of them sing “Yellow River and Yangtze River” is very good, handsome song, momentum is in place.However, I still saw a trace of unhappiness from Chen Kun’s eyes, and a trace of melancholy.To tell the truth, because know Chen Kun can not bear the past, so Chen Kun such eyes make people feel distressed.Compare his original role as jin Yanxi, the young son of a rich family, to his scenes with Carina Lau in the 2020 Spring Festival Gala.At that time, he had the corners of his mouth turned up, and there was light in his eyes.Then, why Chen Kun looks unhappy, I think it has something to do with his original family: in 1976, a boy was born in a poor family in Chongqing.He was the second child in the family, with a sister above him. However, because the family was poor, the sister was given away as a child.The boy was actor Chen Kun. As he grew up, his mother gave him two younger brothers.A family of five lives in a house of less than 13 square meters.Chen kun and his brother got a bunk bed in the corridor outside the house because there was no room to live in.Although the weather in Chongqing is not that cold, the scorching heat in summer and the biting wind in winter are still quite challenging.Therefore, since he was a child, Chen Kun longed for a room of his own so that he would not suffer from the heat and cold.However, fate was not fair to him, he thought such a life was hard enough, but the poor life made his parents divorced.His father left and soon had a family of his own. Chen Kun and his younger brother lived with their mother, and the family was even poorer.However, Chen Kun’s mother was a woman of backbone. No matter how difficult The Times were, she did not ask Chen Kun to drop out of school. Instead, she worked hard to support the family.However, a child without a father will feel insecure when he is young, and his children will bully him. Moreover, his family s economic situation is too poor.Therefore, Chen Kun has been a little self-abased since childhood, and this experience has affected him.02 To his father, Chen Kun was full of hatred for him when he was a child, and he even admitted that he cursed his father because his father ignored him.During a variety show, Chen kun recalled asking his father for lucky money when he was a child.He said he went to his father’s new home to ask for New Year’s money, but his stepmother did not want to give it to him. His father listened to his stepmother and did not give it to him.Chen Kun was very angry and accused his father of being an irresponsible man for abandoning him and his mother.As a result, the two sides had a quarrel, New Year’s money did not arrive, the heart also suffered a new trauma.So he cursed his father as he walked and wished him to go out and wrestle.Looking back now, Chen Kun was a helpless child at that time. He could only resent his irresponsible father in his heart because his ability was limited.Because of the poor family conditions, so did not graduate from high school, Chen Kun began to study part-time.He worked as a typist, handed out leaflets, and then went to work in nightclubs to earn more money for his family.At the nightclub, he started as a waiter and worked his way up to being the club’s resident singer.Of course, the income increased from 30 yuan a day to 100 yuan a day.However, the place gave him too much pain, he did not want to stay in Chongqing, he wanted to seek greater development, so at the age of 19, Carrying luggage and wearing thin clothes, Chen Kun came to Beijing, his acting road will also start here.Because of the bar singing experience, coupled with Chen Kun has a good voice.Therefore, shortly after arriving in Beijing, Chen Kun was admitted to the Oriental Song and Dance Troupe.With a place to settle down in the big capital, Chen Kun began to feel satisfied. Although the singing and dancing troupe did not earn much money, they had enough to eat and drink.However, because he was new and did not have many connections, he was not recommended for performances as a soloist.No performance, no extra income, a basic salary of 200 yuan a month, food and clothing is not enough.Beijing is very cold in winter, Chen Kun can not even afford the wool pants, when he shivered, it is a colleague’s sister love him, take the initiative to buy him wool pants.Chen Kun took over the wool pants handed over by colleagues, tears, he vowed to work hard, repay all the good people who helped him in the future.During this period, his sister also helped him a lot, and even secretly sold blood to raise money for his business.Therefore, in Chen Kun’s heart, he always felt that he owed his sister, because when he was able to repay his sister’s kindness, her sister died because of an accident.Therefore, although Chen Kun was admitted to Beijing Film Academy with the first place in his major course, he made a lot of good works and earned a lot of money after graduation.But even as he became a star, his behavior remained elusive.After shooting “Like Fog, Like Rain, Like Wind,” he took the 90,000 yuan he earned for the first time and couldn’t believe his good luck.He even did a lot of stupid things because he couldn’t believe his good luck.With the 90 thousand yuan salary, Chen Kun thought of death.It’s strange, isn’t it? But Chen Kun didn’t think he deserved it.So he put all his money in a credit card and went to Europe to study interior design.Moreover, he told his family his bank card number and password in advance, in case of his sudden death, the family could go to the bank to withdraw money.In fact, Chen Kun’s behavior at that time had seriously deviated, and his extreme reaction was the spiritual imprint left by his past life.His heart was not happy, he was not healthy, he did not believe in good fortune!Because of this painful life, Chen did not like to talk to his classmates when he was in college.He always felt that he was dirty and would be looked down upon.By the age of 29, he had become so famous that even the People’s Daily praised him as a superstar who had come out of a poor family.But he was still restless, and at one point the 29-year-old wanted to jump off a building because he was depressed.Later, he had his own son, also had more courage to live.But he never revealed the identity of his son’s mother, leaving it to constant speculation.His behavior is incomprehensible, I don’t understand why he has the courage to publish the son, but to hide the son’s mother?05 Words and in a word, in a word, although Chen Kun is very handsome, performing arts and singing are good, but his heart has been living an unhappy genie.When this unhappy elf naps, we can see a Chen Kun with a light in his eyes.Whenever this unhappy elf woke up, we will see an unhappy Chen Kun.So, I think, the reason why Chen Kun looks unhappy at the Spring Festival party may be that unhappy genie is stirring again.From Chen Kun’s story, we can see how a bad family can affect a child’s life.So, advise all the parents, no matter love or divorce, do not reduce the love for their children.And parents have to work hard to make money and provide a good environment for their children to grow up.This is parental love, but also parental responsibility.Finally, I hope Chen Kun can walk out of the shadow of the original family as soon as possible.After all, he’s rich and famous now, and he’s not that pathetic little boy anymore!Which character of Chen Kun do you like best?Let’s have a chat