Poetry and Youth

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“Language of the Night” sit off the nightwatch to the five nightwatch bedside book tired night 0ding push the window not to see the clouds and the moon only street lamp a word clearly “think” think return must be drunk, this letter without evidence.Motherland thousand mountains month, it township a lamp.Linjiang Fairy Sleepless nights thinking of old dreams.The thought comes to nothing.Now everything is different.If credit fame and wealth, dare not to the east.Half the ups and downs from the traveler, win it full sleeve breeze.Huai Ann dream shallow blame the west wind.Here how much hate, the way is also infinite.”Linjiang Fairy” half of the curtain looking for moonlight, street lights lonely star.Plum blossom spring dream night is clear.Night wind blowing mirror, snow falling city.To the shadow think jun Jun like water.Always more affectionate.Make a name for yourself in your spare time.Bard three hundred sentences, every sentence life.