Huawei suddenly released three “new phones”, all standard with Hongmeng OS, the lowest price is only 2199 yuan

2022-06-15 0 By

Preliminary estimates the domestic xinji has more than 10 to come back in March, have to say that the arrival of spring, domestic mobile phone market is also becoming particularly busy, but it is a pity that the less action of huawei company, once the domestic mobile phone market long-term ranks the first mobile phone brand, huawei mobile phone has a large user groups,But the company is having a hard time releasing 5G phones due to restrictions starting in the second half of 2020, which has led huawei to announce new phones far less often than before.For a lot of huawei loyal users, they also expect the company to release new, although the new model is released by huawei 4 g mobile phone, but huawei mobile phones have HongMeng system, by the huawei since the research of mobile phone operating system is also one of the strengths of the huawei mobile phones on, can greatly enhance fluency, long-term use can also be very smooth,Fortunately, Now Huawei has suddenly released three “new phones”, all of which are standard with Hongmon OS, and the lowest cost is 2199 yuan.Although huawei in advance a Zhou Guan made a will be held on March 16th evening news conference, but according to the conference’s full name, its main products will be released smart devices, so a lot of pollen is not originally any hopes for the conference, the results did not think of the conference the company not only released a new,And the direct release of three models, which many plan to replace huawei’s new phone pollens have said: happiness comes too suddenly.The first model is the new color matching version of Huawei P50 Pro. At this conference, Huawei directly added three colors for Huawei P50 Pro, which also makes Huawei P50 Pro a mobile phone with nine colors. As for the price of these new color matching versions, they are consistent with the previously released version, and the processor is powered by Snapdragon 888.The screen is a 120Hz high-brush curved screen, which supports 66W line charging and 50W wireless charging. The rear camera has four shots of 50 million pixels, and supports IP68 waterproof function. The starting price is 5488 yuan.The second model is Huawei P50E, which can be seen from its name as a downsized version of Huawei P50 series and has the same appearance design style as Huawei P50 series. However, the processor is replaced by snapdragon 778G, a mid-range god U. As for its screen, it uses a 90Hz high-brush straight screen and only supports 66W line charge.The rear camera is 50 megapixel triple camera, and also supports IP68 waterproof, such a new 8GB+128GB standard version of the pricing from 4088 yuan.The third model is Huawei Nova9 SE, which is also the lowest price of Huawei’s new phone at this conference. The standard 8GB+128GB version is priced at 2199 YUAN. In terms of hardware configuration, this phone is equipped with snapdragon 680 processor, a 6.78-inch LCD screen, and supports 90Hz refresh rate.Charging power also reached 66W, in addition, this mobile phone also has a 100 million pixel three camera, is currently huawei’s rare low price mobile phone, a day later, this mobile phone officially opened for sale, with Hongmeng OS support, it is expected that the sales of these new machines will not be bad.