Chapter 783 The Plan of Tang SAN (II)

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Chapter 783: Tang SAN’s Plan (ii) After all, his status is special.Although, now he has been a complete “makeover”, but if it is the emperor who has been in contact with, if the heart, it is still able to vaguely capture a trace of the existence of “clues”, so as to truly discover the identity of his once.In this way, for him who has not yet broken through to the god-level realm, it is no less than a “bolt from the blue”, although it may not “fall”, but the absolute end will not be good.However, since he dared to do so, it must be with absolute certainty, because he is impossible to take their own life and even the life of the beautiful childe to joke.And he will appear in this “emperor’s holy mountain” under the reason, in fact, is very simple, that is, he wants to let this emperor in the later beautiful childe report, support her.Because, only in this way, the United States childe can be truly through this ancestral court statement, and more than that oh, the present emperor is only he must fight for one of them, after all, a total of at least six emperor’s support.And in his mind, in addition to the three must be able to support the emperor of the United States childe, he must also strive for the support of at least three emperor, in order to help the United States childe through this “disaster”.So who are the three Kings who have confirmed their support?The answer is actually very simple, that is white tiger big demon Emperor, sword Saint big demon Emperor and the final jingfeng big demon Emperor.Some people may feel a trace of accident for the crystal phoenix demon Emperor will appear, after all, crystal Phoenix gens and peacock demon clan is not life and death “enemy”?Why do you support Childe?Is indeed the reason, but if you want to put aside all sorts of factors in addition, crystal chicken big demon emperor must and can support the childe of must be, because the sun as his own daughter, although is not flowing in the body belongs to his blood, but that a layer of “relationship” but can not give false, regardless of the crystal chicken big demon emperor willing to admit that,He is the beauty of the childe in this a real “father”, so tang three determined that the other party must be without any conditions to retain the support of the Beauty childe.So with the support of the front three big demon emperor, tang three things to do next is much simpler, that is to win the support of the other three big demon Emperor even if it can.However, to get the support of other monster Kings is not just talk about it or think about it, it is necessary to really come up with something or pay something, in order to make the other side willing to support.Originally, Tang three also did not think of this point, so when he initially heard the United States childe said that there must be “six big demon Emperor” support to be through the time, the whole person is also in a state of despair, but fortunately, eventually he still thought of a solution.And then they came to this place.He slowly raised his head, is far away to see the front not far away this “holy mountain palace” the highest point.I saw, there, impressively is a glittering huge gold plaque.On the plaque, deeply engraved with three characters: “crack the palace of heaven”!(To be continued)