As Meghan lost and lost, the title of royal patron was handed to Camilla, and the Queen cut her loose

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Meghan markle, the wife of Prince Harry, is an unusual figure in the royal family.Not that she is of African descent — there have been black princesses in European royal families before — nor that she was ever married. Charles and Camilla are both remarried.But meghan is the first celebrity in the entertainment industry to marry into the royal family.Meghan and Harry married at Windsor Castle in 2018 and gave birth to their eldest son Archie the following year. The couple announced their retirement in early 2020, promising to quit their British royal status and move to the US to start their own business.In a move that shocked many at the time, the Queen agreed to the request after consulting Charles and William, but also decided to gradually withdraw the couple’s royal titles and patronages.Prince Harry’s role as royal patron of rugby League has been vacant since his status was withdrawn last year, the royal family has officially announced. Harry’s sister-in-law Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, is delighted to take up the role, posing for promotional videos and photos.Meghan is well aware that her husband has put a lot of time and effort into the role, but they have nothing to say about the royal family’s move as they left their son in the first place.But I did not expect the news to come again, she used to be the patron of the National Theatre will be transferred to another owner.At the time of meghan’s wedding, the Queen’s grandmother gave her the role of royal patron as a token of her love for her granddaughter-in-law, as well as meghan’s background in the entertainment industry and unmatched talent for drama.Buckingham Palace has made it clear that the process of appointing a new patron is ongoing and will be announced in due course.According to British media reports, the Queen’s new patron is none other than Prince Charles’ wife and Meghan’s stepmother-in-law Camilla.Camilla, who has always been a theatre lover herself, is the right person for the royal family at the moment.Megan lost and lost!She and Harry have been stripped of all royal titles by the Queen, leaving them no longer entitled to share the royal spotlight.Now the couple have to keep sending out press releases for themselves, and the royals are doing things in a clean and unresponsive manner.It will also be interesting to see how camilla’s relationship with Meghan will change as she takes over.Camilla is very care for megan also once upon a time, two people get along in public good, but for love about megan, camilla is picked up her leakage, before her as the national theatre achievement and contribution, the effort and support provided, from now on will be counted on camilla, she won’t so easy to forget it.Megan’s motto, after all, is that she can fail others, but they must not fail her.Otherwise, she’ll be doing TV interviews and writing a book about it.Over the past two years, the “Brexit” affair has not only made the British royal family frequently hit the headlines and become a hot topic of discussion among fans who like to read gossip reports, but also exposed meghan and Harry’s stupidity, naivety and greed.The royal family had given up on the couple, much less expected them to return, so it was time to divest up the patronage they had left behind to create a leaner, more productive family image.