The Olympic Games in Beijing are safer than our country.

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Beijing time on February 1, the Australian delegation came to China, in an interview, encounters a British journalist dug a pit to ask questions, they respond forcefully, so to we did a very good name for the Beijing Olympic Games, don’t know how to look at this thing, you can leave a message in the comments section below, we together to interact, thank you.Thing is the cause of concrete, the Australian team in their head of Jeff PuShu under the lead of, has been on the pitch for adaptive training, the game, the Australian delegation sent 44 athlete, play up to 10 disciplines, including 30 players play in the zhangjiakou division,Zhangjiakou competition area is mainly snow events.At a news conference, PuShu and his players accepted reporter’s interview, it is worth mentioning that the British media was thrown to them a very pointed questions, the British journalist asked in Australia, how this time China’s yi prevention measures, whether can give them enough security.If the PuShu said the clear response, under this big background came to Beijing to participate in the Olympics, their main concern is how to make the members of the security came to China, and security in the competition, luckily saw China’s condition is very good, can make sure that all the people are very safe to play.A few players are also given the public response, has four Olympic veteran britt cox responded that compared to before the training in Australia, they feel safer than Australia, China, now China has better yi prevention measures, the organizing committee to do a lot of work, every day for the players and the coaches must wear masks,And he insisted on doing tests so as to make sure there would be no problems. He believed that nothing could affect their safety in China.The other two teammates, Giacara Anthony and Matt Graham, are of the same opinion, saying it is safe to live and train in the Olympic Village because China has created a perfect loop, like a safe harbor.In this way, the players don’t have to worry about their safety will not be affected, but can put all the energy should really be what to do, it is in the game of the efforts to make good grades, they believe that the athletes of other countries also have the same idea, so thanks to the efforts of the staff in China,Graham said he did not expect to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games, in such a context, it is no different from the ordinary Olympic Games in previous years.There is no doubt that to receive the recognition of these professional athletes is already a great success for the Beijing Winter Olympics. In the next 20 days, let’s make further efforts to the last moment.