Life is not about being successful, it’s about being happy

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Life does not require success, as long as it can illuminate a corner is enough – inscribed “The world is worth” this book, the title page of the book reads: “Life as long as illuminate a corner is enough.”This sentence is very enlightening to me.Too many people aspire to achieve something, and success is in a normal distribution. Only a few people are extremely successful, and most people live a mediocre life.Don’t be too hard on yourself. Be sure to achieve success.Too much pursuit of success, people get used to asking for a result in everything. When everything pursues a result, people will become unhappy, and an unhappy life is not worth living.Our life belongs to us, our heart will tell us what things can make us happy from the heart, for their heart fully want to do things to attach great importance, strive to do.Mr. CAI Zhizhong determined to draw at the age of four, he said: “I determined to draw at the age of four and a half, painting is my favorite!As long as you don’t starve to death and give me one steamed bread a day, I will paint forever.”Mr. CAI Zhizhong really did it, drawing cartoons all his life.For the things identified in the heart, put the heart into it, will identify the things into the concrete things, responsible for their own, to live out their own.More often than not, people do what they think they’re doing and they’re not famous for it all their lives.Piano, chess, calligraphy, painting, poetry and hops, like countless people, many people have played the piano, played chess for a lifetime, written a lifetime of books, painting a lifetime of painting, reciting a lifetime of poetry, taste a lifetime of wine, enjoy a lifetime of flowers, there is no reputation.But they put their temperament into it, in which at ease, enjoy the ordinary people can not appreciate the good, and life is to appreciate!Life is short, do not pursue too much success and fame, do what you like to do, live a happy life, light up their own life, light up their own small world.