In many places, citizens are encouraged to “not leave when it is not necessary” to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot. What guarantees do they have?

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As the Spring Festival approaches, repeated outbreaks of the virus have put local epidemic prevention and control under high pressure.Many places, including Henan, Beijing, Tianjin and Liaoning, have issued initiatives to encourage citizens to “celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot” without leaving if it is not necessary.Stay, for a better reunion in the future.However, after the initiative, many people’s concerns still need to be addressed: how to enjoy the Spring Festival locally?What policy guarantees are there for local Chinese New Year?What new changes will it bring to production and life?The reporter combed and found that, at present, many relevant departments, enterprises, scenic spots, etc., issued all kinds of subsidies, consumption vouchers, the introduction of free scenic policy……For the local Chinese New Year people, brought security and warmth.From January 8 to 23, a total of 460 confirmed cases were reported in Anyang, Henan Province, indicating a grim epidemic prevention and control situation.Recently, Anyang city issued a letter to fellow villagers in Anyang, urging them to spend the Spring Festival on their own and not to return if it is not necessary.Xiao Zhang, a girl from Anyang who works in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, posted a picture on her wechat moments saying, “I will not go back for the Spring Festival. My family and I feel at ease.”With the Chinese New Year approaching, the flow of people is high and the risk of the spread of the virus is high.Henan province has urged local authorities to strengthen communication with migrant workers and interpret local epidemic prevention and control policies through announcements, notices and notification letters.Advocate local Chinese New Year, can return home?In response to these concerns, the relevant policies of Henan province also pointed out that all localities should take targeted measures according to different categories for those who really need to return home.Health services for returnees during the Spring Festival should be well managed, information management, hygiene and epidemic prevention, home quarantine or health monitoring should be strengthened, return services and health education and guidance should be done well, and reporting, screening, registration and services for returnees should be in place to ensure a smooth and orderly Spring Festival.Not only Henan, but also Beijing, Zhejiang, Anhui, Tianjin, Guangdong and other places have launched local Spring Festival initiatives to prevent and control the epidemic.This is not the first time that Chinese New Year has been proposed.During the Spring Festival of 2021, local governments for the first time proposed “celebrating the Spring Festival locally” and “not returning to their hometowns if it is not necessary”.According to the Ministry of Commerce, the number of people celebrating the 2021 Spring Festival in 36 large and medium-sized cities increased by more than 48 million.Chen Ran, a young man from Chongqing who works in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, will celebrate the Spring Festival locally for the second time this year.”This year, the Hangzhou government has also encouraged people not to return to their hometown if it is not necessary, and offered subsidies to stay in Hangzhou.I got it last year, and I think I’ll get it again this year.””During the Spring Festival last year, zhejiang migrant workers in Hangzhou gave 1,000 yuan in cash.With employers to stay hangzhou, meet the conditions can apply, red envelope seconds to the account.””This year, Hangzhou will also offer preferential policies for celebrating the Spring Festival in hangzhou, but there have been some changes in the incentives, mainly the consumption voucher subsidies, which should play a greater role in promoting consumption.”Chen Ran introduced.Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, will issue electronic consumption coupons to non-resident migrant workers who meet the application requirements during this Spring Festival. The first is a deduction voucher, which will be issued at a one-time cost of 500 yuan per person.The second is cash coupons, issued in the form of red envelopes with denominations ranging from 5 yuan to 500 yuan.Ma Jun, party member and deputy director of Hangzhou Development and Reform Commission, said, “The reason for issuing e-coupons this year is to encourage non-local employees to stay in Hangzhou for the Spring Festival and to try every means to stabilize the real economy.In the past two years, the real economy, especially small and micro businesses, has been under increased pressure due to the impact of the epidemic. In order to implement the work requirements of the Central Economic Work Conference on ‘putting stability first and seeking progress while maintaining stability’, to support the development of the real economy, maintain jobs and ensure the smooth operation of the economy, we have adjusted the distribution mode to consumption vouchers.”This place of peace is my home.To ensure that citizens feel at ease during the Spring Festival, local governments have issued a series of policy subsidies, including a large number of consumer vouchers, free admission to scenic spots and the supply of cultural products.People celebrating the Spring Festival in Foshan, Guangdong province, will receive “five gift packages”, including 10 million yuan in cash, 100,000 tickets to popular scenic spots and 10,000 movie tickets.Beijing will strengthen market monitoring of daily necessities to ensure stable prices and adequate supply, expand public cultural supply, and increase winter Olympics-related programs to enrich residents’ festive cultural life.Nanjing, Jiangsu province, has announced the first batch of 172 farmers’ markets and 1,480 chain supermarkets and convenience stores that will remain open during the Spring Festival holiday to ensure a smooth supply channel for local “vegetable basket”.2. Looking for New Year’s flavor and diversified consumption choices, how to eat New Year’s Eve dinner?For many, the ritual feel of the dinner is one of the most important events of the New Year.During this year’s Spring Festival, the demand for New Year’s Eve dinner drove the boom in prepared vegetable markets.On all kinds of e-commerce platforms, the sales of semi-finished dishes set packages, prepared hotel dishes for New Year’s Eve dinner gift boxes and other products continue to grow;In many offline supermarkets, semi-finished dishes, prepared dishes gift boxes are also filled with shelves, hot sales.Together with friends to prepare a New Year’s eve dinner, eat dumplings, with the family through the video “cloud reunion”, express goods to convey the heart……In the Spring Festival, the smell of nian is still strong.This is the second time Zeng hui, from Luoyang, Henan Province, has stayed in Beijing.Last Spring Festival, Zeng cooked a New Year’s Eve dinner at home with some colleagues who stayed in Beijing.”Some kung fu dishes take time and energy to make by myself. This year, I bought some prepared dishes on the fresh food platform and cooked some simple dishes with my friends. The New Year’s Eve dinner will be very rich,” Zeng told reporters.Prepared dishes are usually semi-prepared dishes that can be eaten by simple heating.In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, people spend more time at home, and it is difficult to deliver takeout food, and other factors, the emergence of prepared dishes into people’s eyes.Under the local Spring Festival policy and the demand for New Year’s Eve dinner, prepared dishes have become a hot topic again this Spring Festival.Reporter investigation found that at present in the market sales of prepared dishes have a single semi-finished dishes, prepared dishes set, the general set contains 8 to 15 dishes, only defrost or simple cooking can be eaten, by more and more young people sought after.”I can’t go home this year, so I spent the Spring Festival in other places. I bought semi-finished prepared dishes, which are very easy to cook and have a wide variety of dishes.”In the comments section of an e-commerce platform, many consumers wrote favorable comments.In addition to having dinner at home, choosing a hotel to have a reunion dinner has also become the “flavor” expected by more and more young people.According to data released by Feizhu, hotel bookings for New Year’s Eve dinners in low-risk areas are peaking as the Spring Festival approaches.In the past week, the hotel New Year’s Eve dinner related commodity bookings increased by more than 2 times.The New Year’s Eve dinner market of hotels in guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Qingdao and other first – and second-tier cities is more active.”During the Spring Festival this year, I will still go out to dinner with my colleagues and friends who stay in Hangzhou.”Talking about the Spring Festival arrangement, Chen ran said that a variety of choices, such as going out to dinner, playing in the neighborhood and staying at home and watching TV dramas, have enriched him during the Spring Festival.Local Chinese New Year not only brings hot New Year’s Eve dinner market, also let the local tour, the surrounding tour heat.According to Hornet’s Nest big data, the search heat of “where to go for fun during the Spring Festival” has increased by 160% in the past week. Finding local “New Year flavor” has become a new goal for more and more young people, and the search heat of “New Year flavor experience” has increased by 40% in the past week and is on the rise.According to a report released by Ctrip, this year’s Spring Festival is characterized by short-range local and suburban trips.As of January 20, the order volume of tourism and vacation products booked in the province accounted for 65%, and the provincial travel orders increased significantly compared with the Spring Festival of 2019.With the Spring Festival approaching, the domestic market ushered in the peak demand season of the year.Beijing’s domestic helper market has seen a surge in orders, with demand for nannies doubling year on year, as many people choose to celebrate the Spring Festival in Beijing.A seller’s market has also led to higher wages for workers.It is understood that the salary of domestic “aunt” rises about 2000 yuan, and the salary of child-care sister-in-law and live-in nanny also rises to a certain extent.During the Spring Festival, the demand for household cleaning and express delivery services increased, while the demand for foreign trade export orders of enterprises continued.For many enterprises, the Spring Festival is the busiest time for production.Under the influence of epidemic prevention and control and local Spring Festival policies, the situation of Spring Festival employment is more complicated.”I plan to go home on January 25. Some colleagues have already gone home earlier.”Ren Xuefeng, a food delivery worker from northeast China who works in Beijing, said the Spring Festival is early this year and many migrant workers have already returned to their hometowns.A household management enterprise related person in charge revealed, because many employees from the New Year’s day began to return home, only a quarter of the current staff to stay, a lot of customers want to about cleaning about, especially lack of people.Faced with the problem of labor shortage, many enterprises have introduced a series of subsidy policies to retain employees.”During this year’s Spring Festival, many of my colleagues who cannot return home will continue to deliver.”Ren xuefeng told reporters that during the Spring Festival, the platform issued a subsidy policy for deliverers who stay behind, and if they can deliver more than 25 orders a day, the platform will give them 200 yuan.In fact, compared with normal times, the delivery of food delivery platforms during the Spring Festival will not be very busy.”For example, in the Vicinity of Guogongzhuang in Beijing’s Fengtai district, only two shopping malls are open during the Spring Festival, and not many people actually order takeaway food during the Spring Festival.””The site wants the deliverymen to stay, mainly because they may face a shortage of deliverymen after the holiday,” Ren said. “Many of them may consider doing other jobs after returning to their hometown, staying in their hometown or going to other places to work.”Not only the food delivery industry, the “labor shortage” around the Spring Festival is a problem faced by many enterprises.During this year’s Spring Festival, many places issued various policies to stabilize employment and stay workers to ease the difficulties faced by enterprises.Jimei District of Xiamen, Fujian province has upgraded the policy of stabilizing employment and increasing production during the Spring Festival of 2022 based on the 2021 policy, increasing the living allowance for employees in xiamen from 1,500 yuan to 2,000 yuan at most, and increasing the financial guarantee for jimei district from 50 million yuan to 70 million yuan.It is estimated that more than 500 enterprises are eligible, and more than 50,000 employees can enjoy the subsidy funds.Hefei, Anhui province, announced that it will carry out the “red envelope of fertilizer retention” and carry out the “sharing of labor” surplus and shortage adjustment action, will stay in hefei from January 26, 2022 to February 9, 2022, to work in the city’s key labor enterprises, major construction projects, industrial enterprises and service enterprises on the regulation.In addition, non-registered employees in Anhui province who pay social insurance will be given a “fat red envelope” of 1,000 yuan per person.Ningbo, Zhejiang province, will encourage and support enterprises to stay and promote production during the Spring Festival by introducing a series of policies, including stabilizing production, keeping jobs, taking heart-warming actions and strengthening services.”In addition to subsidies from the government, companies have also prepared relevant subsidies and benefits for their employees.”An official at a pharmaceutical company in Taizhou, Zhejiang province, said various subsidies have helped ease the labor shortage around the Spring Festival.Statement: Reprint this article for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: