Bencao Spring and Autumn Annals is a collection of cultural and historical essays by zheng Xiaofeng, a young writer

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Bencao Spring and Autumn Annals author: Zheng Xiaofeng Publishing House: Yangtze River Literature and Art Publishing House Publication Date: October 2020 ISBN: 9787570216314 Pricing:This book is a collection of cultural and historical prose works of zheng Xiaofeng, a young writer. Zheng Xiaofeng is the outstanding writer of historical geography and cultural prose writing, and enjoys a good reputation among readers.Bencao Spring and Autumn Annals is not a history of Traditional Chinese medicine, but a history written by traditional Chinese medicine. It is a collection of historical essays connected by Angelica, polyzhi, licorice and ginseng.History books, medicine books, the same yellow pages, can find a lot of verification of each other’s chapters, there are many ambush echoes.Take medicine to read history, complement each other mutual elucidation, do not have a taste.Bencao Spring and Autumn Annals has a novel Angle, sophisticated writing style and high artistic aesthetic value. It is worth reading for those who are interested in literature and history.Zheng Xiaofeng was born in 1975 in Yongkang, Zhejiang province.Shanda Literature first global Writing Exhibition history of the top ten authors, has published a general history of Chinese prose “Human Road” series, cultural prose collection “Vicissitudes of Life in the Eyes of the Vicissitudes of Life”, “Bencao Spring Festival”, “Journey against the Millennium” and other collections, and published in Taiwan traditional version of the collection “Sunset” and Bencao Spring Festival.He is a writer for China National Geographic magazine, and a special planner and writer for CCTV cultural and historical documentaries. His works include “A Pulse of Qiantang”, “Taihu Painting vein” and “Dawn of the Empire”.Mai Bei mall – authentic products at low prices, express delivery timely, a comprehensive online shopping mall to buy and sell babies