Trudeau has called for an end to anti-vaccine protests that paralyze Ottawa

2022-06-13 0 By

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for an end to anti-COVID-19 vaccine protests on Twitter on February 8, according to the Toronto Sun and other foreign media.Protesters led by truck drivers have been occupying Ottawa for more than 10 days since January 23, and Trudeau said the protests have brought the capital city to a standstill.”It must be made clear that they have no right to interfere with the economy, democracy or the daily lives of our fellow citizens,” Trudeau tweeted.The protests must stop.”Ottawa’s mayor declared a state of emergency on Monday as anti-CORONAVIRUS protests “got out of hand.”Ottawa has asked the federal government for 1,800 more police and mediators to work with protesters to “end the siege.”However, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported Thursday that many protesters and large trucks still gathered in downtown Ottawa, and many barricades were set up on the streets. Trucks parked in a row near the Canadian Parliament building blocked the road, while protesters honked horns and banged drums.Meanwhile, a lawyer representing nearby residents said the truck drivers’ constant honking caused serious disruption to residents’ lives and asked the protesters to stop.The Ottawa court granted the request on Sunday and ordered a ban on honking in Ottawa’s main street blocks for 10 days, effective immediately.Source: overseas network