Tianlong, sweeping the monk has three identities, Xiao Yuanshan master, free and unshackled head, no yachzi rival in love

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In the “Dragon eight”, the river’s lake martial arts master numerous, talented people come out in large numbers, you for example in the river’s lake martial arts rolling around xiao Yuanshan, there are low-key luxury content of the free and unrestrained party three old yachi, Tianshan Tong Mu and Li Qiushui, that is the master of the master, talent in talent.Among the younger generation, there is also a set of dragon 18 palms played all over the world no rival hero Qiao Feng, that is very severe master.But to say in “tianlong eight bu”, who is the most severe master, I am afraid to belong to the shaolin sutra clearing monk.But this sweeping monk identity is very suspicious, although sweeping monk in sweeping monk dry clean work for 30 or 40 years, but there has been no establishment, shaolin temple’s senior leaders do not know sweeping monk this person.And sweeping the monk not only buddhist martial arts make pure, but also Taoist martial arts can be seen at a glance.That year in the Sutra pavilion, jiu Mo zhi see sutra pavilion basically gathered all the central Plains martial arts.So it is time to brush a face mix a familiar face, brush brush a presence, then dove mo wisdom made a flame cutter to sweeping monk ambushed in the past, but there are sweeping monk in the whole three feet gas wall to protect the body, is fundamentally invulnerability, and sweeping monk well you’re welcome jie dove among the wise, in front of everyone, said the dove “wisdom has been by a small peripateticism without phase power to destroy the shaolin stunt,Therefore all the time, Jiu Mo zhi is a big cheat, make jiu Mo zhi ashamed.But think about it, this small no work is free and unfettered unique skills, ordinary people do not even know the free and unfettered school, let alone the free and unfettered school of martial arts, so who is the sweeping monk?And later, sweeping monk and three times five except two will be Xiao Yuanshan, Murong Bo to mow down, to show the world his superb martial arts.Want to know this xiao yuanshan that but very fierce master, that year in Yanmenguan, xuanzi abbot heard that Khitan people want to steal the martial arts secret book of Shaolin, then lead at that time the master of martial arts of all corners of the world 21 people, among them there is no lack of Gai gang Lord Wang Jiantong such a big man.But Xiao Yuanshan picked up the machete, to xuanci square abbot and others scared urine, was to fight Xiao Yuanshan, the results led the master was xiao Yuanshan light, it is too severe.So xiao Yuanshan is so powerful, xiao Yuanshan master in the end who?In fact, we all know that Xiao Yuanshan said that his master is a warrior in the southern Dynasty, careful thinking, Xiao Yuanshan martial arts so high, I am afraid that the Central Plains martial arts can teach Xiao Yuanshan master, I am afraid that only the sweeping monk.So in fact the sweeping monk is Xiao Yuanshan’s master.So why is sweeping monk the head of the Carefree School?In fact can be seen from the two points, one is in the sutra depository sweeping monk to little familiarity with and without phase work and peripateticism martial arts world rare, one is no cliff son, tianshan kid mu, lee’s autumn waters for font-row peripateticism chief executive who can explain, originally peripateticism head is not without a cliff, but another man, integrated these two points,There is no doubt that the sweeping monk should be the head of the Free Party.So why did the sweeping monk become a monk?In fact, this is due to his status as a rival in love with Wuyazi.Thing is, when the sweeping monk created peripateticism dad happy child, accept no cliff son, lee’s autumn waters, tianshan kid mu and close disciple cang-hai li for the ACTS, then easy to teach the four disciples north in ghost siddhi, small work without phase, eight drought liuhe exclusive work and unfettered supernatural powers, while sweeping monk as a happy child, the son of nature all martial arts.When no cliff son, lee’s autumn waters, tianshan kid mu best three relations, over time, alternate feelings, eventually became the love triangle, then no cliff charming, handsome and natural and unrestrained, lee’s autumn waters America laguna, graceful, and tianshan kid mu grow a little bit longer pocket, so there is no cliff son with lee’s autumn waters, and fell in love.But the two young people do not have a strong sense of contraception, which eventually led to Li Qiushui’s pregnancy.And at that time no cliff son is in the prime of life, baibupangyang, no matter be in psychology or be in physiology cannot bear this kind of loneliness.So no yachzi was attracted to Li Qiushui’s sister Li Canghai, then Li Qiushui knew that every day with no yachzi, make no yachzi is very sad.At this time, Li Canghai did not understand many places about the free and untrammeled martial arts, so he asked the sweeping monk to teach him hand in hand. In this way, the sweeping monk often had physical contact with Li Canghai. As time passed, the sweeping monk’s gentle temperament completely conquered Li Canghai, so the two people were together.And this time, no cliff son also announced to break up with Li Qiushui, but no cliff son found his beloved was swept away by the monk.Sweeping monk become no yachzi rival in love, no yachzi heart good gas.In addition, sweeping the monk father at large after the death of the child, and the free and unchained head of the position passed to sweeping the monk, finally no cliff son is also what also didn’t get, and Li Qiusui also cuckold himself everywhere.And tianshan Tongmu because not cliff son love, so frequently practice martial arts, for is one day at large can be the master of the position to her, let him practice more advanced martial arts, but sweeping the monk when the free and unfettered school of the master, also let her dream, so the heart is unwilling.At that time no cliff son saw through the tianshan Tong Mu and Li Qiushui’s mind.No cliff son then told Tianshan Tongmu, he is willing to help Tianshan Tongmu won the head of the free party, Tianshan Tongmu naturally very happy, and no cliff son cheat Li Qiushui as long as he can help him kill the sweeping monk won the head of the free party, he was with her broken mirror, Li Qiushui actually believe.So no cliff joint tianshan kid mu, lee’s autumn waters against sweeping monk, when three people ou sweeping monk, sweeping monk fists but against four hands, was seriously wounded, and have no child wants to end without a handbreadth cliff precipice, but cang-hai li for sweeping monk finally got a handbreadth, eventually die cang-hai li, sweeping monk he who sees through the world of mortals, so came to shaolin temple out of the house.So free and unfetteredthe head of the vacancy, so no cliff son with Tianshan Tong Mu, Li Qiusui and fight up, the results of no cliff son won, became the head of the free and unfetteredparty.After listening to the story, do you know why the sweeping monk so fierce?In fact, sweeping the monk has three identities, Xiao Yuanshan master, free and unfetteredmaster, no yachzi rival in love.