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On February 2, the Liupanshui Compulsory Isolation and drug Treatment Center (liupanshui Institute for short) organized a special education program for drug addicts to “Walk with the Law during the Spring Festival”.”The Legal Aid Law was adopted at the 30th session of the standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress on August 20, 2021, consisting of seven chapters and 71 articles, and came into force on January 1, 2022…”Liupanshui education correctional centres in the legal profession qualification card of A civilian police ZhaiKai according to the physical and mental characteristics of addicts and life experience, combined with drug collected in the usual work personnel about marriage relation, property law, explained the legal aid law targeted objects of assistance, the applicable conditions, application procedures, etc,Interpret the law in cases, and actively interact with drug addicts.After the lecture, police Officer Zhai Kai also “one to one” in-depth communication with some drug addicts, patiently answering their questions, and put forward solutions.Drug addicts have said that through this activity to the relevant laws and regulations have a more intuitive and profound understanding, to solve many problems, in the future life will continue to strengthen the study of legal knowledge, abide by the laws and regulations, learn to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, live up to the police’s hard education.This activity enables drug addicts to gradually know, study, understand and use the law in their abstinence life, and further strengthen their awareness of the rule of law.Liupan Water Institute will continue to give full play to its functional advantages as a legal aid workstation, further strengthen legal publicity, and continuously improve the law-abiding consciousness of drug addicts, so as to lay a solid foundation for their smooth return to society.