The new changan CS35 PLUS uses the former McPherson independent suspension.

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The seat is wrapped with cortical materials, and the comfort level of sitting up is quite high. The rear row is also equipped with an air outlet, which can adjust the wind direction.The car is equipped with “Nappa” leather seats, ergonomic design, large area of soft wrap covering process, with fine stitching, give you a comfortable experience.Changan CS35 PLUS in the overall interior design and appearance of the same, the use of simple and atmospheric design style, the central control of the large size of the LCD display, the interior is very classy.Space, although it is a compact SUV, but the ride space is still very spacious, the middle of the rear row convex is not high, sit back row will not feel crowded.In my opinion, changan designers also have a very important reason in the trunk space.The center aisle of the front seat has a cup holder for small items, and the back seat has a central armrest and cup holder.The BOSCH ESP 9.3 electronic stability control system, ACC full-speed adaptive cruise and PAB active brake warning system carried by Changan CS35 PLUS greatly protect passengers’ travel safety.A full range of safety equipment, but also for the passenger escort.At the same time, Changan CS35 PLUS is also equipped with ACC with Stop/Go full-speed adaptive cruise and PAB active brake warning system, which can intelligently analyze the road conditions in front of the vehicle and control the speed during driving.The traditional system is powered by a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox.The chassis suspension part, the new car adopts the former McPherson independent suspension.The average oil cost is 0.29 yuan per kilometer, that is to say, one kilometer is 0.43 yuan, and this is a month’s oil cost, but also a sum can be saved.