“The Fifth Personality” closed the window is also good, but closed window butterfly can fly

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Two doors in the game can see each other, after all, you can see double eleven on the beach, small gate to see the door, gate to see the small door, double eleven or log cabin to see the beach.If you can dodge, you can also block cards with the magic wand, but I often lose cards at the same time put the magic wand and the magic wand blocked their own cards.Zhang Crazy for the clown is not too necessary, early can use small bamboo shoots sprint and add a sense of presence, so I personally recommend sealing a knife window.Red butterfly words, sealing the window is also good.The sealed window butterfly can also fly, the perfect transformation of human invincible point into Miss Michiko’s invincible point.Zhang Mad seal window can not but a knife must be, do not take a knife is basically difficult to win, now human repair machine thief fast.Jack error tolerance rate is too low, once in the fog hidden state can not cut your speed will drop a lot, and into the skills of jack can not turn over the window step plate, as long as the interaction to break the fog hidden the other side can move to a new area to continue with you.And the highest level of skills with the clown and deer head skill intensity is completely impossible to compare, the clown highest level of charge is fast and far, basically belong to must, deer head more abnormal, weakened version of a knife down, hook who fell to the ground, the other want to save no more than two can not save, and must leave a down.Spider can choose not to point to seal the window, directly with the joint block window broken invincible room.If the person is hiding behind the board, that is, the board and props area, you can’t get to him if he doesn’t move, but you can’t stop and go out of the way.The survivor then rolls back, hides behind the other board and prepares to crush you.If the high-end bureau does not seal the window is to give others a breakthrough point, the high-end bureau to balance, can not have fatal loopholes, sealing the window is still very necessary, will play the survival of the window to accelerate 50%, turn the board will not be used, and then slip you two laps, see the time appropriate will consider first hit stun you, and then turn the board to accelerate 50% and then follow 6.Normally, if you don’t have a sealed window, the first person to walk you around twice.Just be prepared not to perform at your best, slip you around three times and knock you out once, and be prepared to fight for a draw.