Take Kai Kai and Qi Qi compare, some people pull net violence, support du and xiong mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are some people

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Some people are very good at rhythm, the last article compared kai kai and Qiqi New Year, they said you are beating a child in the net.Stubble stubble and qiqi in family education gap is obvious, sending two GuanKai kay to lay new video, our model is completed under the adult’s preaching, especially the second video seems bonhomie, can the family holding him a word, let our our confused about what to do, to get a red envelope is almost in to listen to the mercy and upheaval.Of course that’s how I feel, xiong and Du fans are talking about how kai kai is.I don’t know if their four-year-old babies are all like this, whether they will see others and reflect on themselves, what is wrong with Kai Kai becoming as smart as Qiqi?No wonder even the truth powder in a group of red fans, now on Xu Tian ridiculed, it seems to be a group of people like Lin Daiyu, miserable weak and weak to meet some people’s feelings, these people are used to the eyes of the weak appearance, the real strong will make them pale.Xiong Lei and Tian Jing are almost the same identity, it is the daughter-in-law of 28 parties and the daughter-in-law before, Tian Jing still busy with the job all the time, take two children, but strange strange is the education of talent intelligence and Tian Jing relevant?Xiong Lei has long been a full-time mother, still only take kai Kai a child, but when kai Kai has been shown to be instill knowledge traces?If it is not the Video of Chinese New Year, Xiong Lei drying kai kai is either snuggled on her shoulder or held in her arms, is this love for children?I would also like to ask some people, do you want to have an offspring like Qiqi or Kai Kai?I’m afraid that the real care is to educate a child well. Kai Kai behaves like this in front of his family. How can he better interact with the outside world?Once the personality and thinking of childhood is formed, what kind of psychological state is it when moving towards society?I think it is reasonable for all the parties involved in the February 8th incident to sell goods on live broadcast. Anyone who broadcasts live broadcast ultimately depends on his or her character and reputation. Now is the era of live broadcast, others also have the right to make their life better and better.From a certain point of view, no one in Heaven treated Xiong Lei poorly. She was an ordinary person when she married Yao Ce, no matter her education background or personal image, but as yao Ce’s widow, she had a natural foundation to be sympathized with, so she attracted people’s attention and had a bright side under the filter. Otherwise, who knew her?I believe that today’s Xiong Lei through live living conditions have also changed a lot, can set up three stone ceramics, engaged in live selling goods, are related to her unique identity.But Xiong Lei now know to reshape their own image, why do not know the reconstruction of the child’s psychology, has been moving out of the child is to describe themselves and their children how poor, they create such an atmosphere, the child is naturally a pitiful look.Kai Kai is not without a playful side, but after a family accident, he lost some of the love of his relatives, and his habits, and the next baton relay did not make up for the vacancy in his heart.Qiqi Yueyue’s grandparents also changed, but why can they quickly and Xu Min and his wife into one, and the intimacy of Xu Min and his wife is there for all to see, it can be seen in the affection of the two children did not miss anything.There is nothing wrong with me being a small editor, but the child is innocent. I also hope kai Kai will have a bright future, instead of repeating the tragedy of the family, which is most likely the child’s psychological defects.If a child living in a single-parent family does not pay attention to his psychological shaping and create a healthy and happy growth environment for him, it will affect his whole life.Xiong Lei now live as a business, relatively free, she should also have more time to accompany Kai Kai, education Kai Kai, not only need to instill some knowledge to fill the child’s mind, but also need to educate him how to treat people and communicate with the outside world, but Xiong Lei did it, now Kai Kai and Qi Qi how to compete?Is there no drop?I will not support the bear and du’s wife in view, that is also caused by their own, the bear not only fights for what does not belong to their own and published how many small stories that confound black and white?And Du Xinzhi did not change the children’s motives and doubts?Xu Min and Tian Jing mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, why they can win the support of so many people, presumably the eyes of the masses are clear!Du Xinzhi always pull network violence, it seems that her fans are also a virtue, is really what can pull ah!Support Xu Min to find the truth of the people will not net violence a child?Might as well turn over a account, who is taking the life of qiqiyue yue threat, and gloat over the departure of Li Li mother and daughter, who is carrying out network violence?