Little sister opened wuling mini fuel, while looking at the fuel gauge while looking at the wallet, net friend: see yourself

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The oil price is the biggest expenditure in car maintenance. The daily oil price is related to the expenditure of car maintenance, so the car owner is very concerned about the adjustment of oil price.Oil prices have risen four times in a row since the start of 2022. The price of gasoline 92 has risen to 7.67 yuan, and that of gasoline 95 has exceeded 8 yuan.The rising oil price brings a lot of pressure to the owner, the owner to refueling, also dare not as bold as before to put the words “fill me up”, now to refueling, the owner has to closely watch the fuel gauge, the fuel gauge every beat, his wallet will deflate a little, the owner of the heart will follow.Liaoning a big brother to gas station encountered such a scene, in front of him there is a Wuling Hongguang Mini is refueling, the car has not been listed, should be just bought a new car soon.Next to the car there is a 20-something girl, she is the owner of the Wuling Hongguang Mini.When the car was refueling, the girl had been standing in front of the tanker, staring at the meter on the tanker, to see the numbers kept jumping, the little sister seemed to be very nervous, she looked at the numbers on the fuel gauge, while looking down at her wallet, as if checking their wallet money is enough to fill up.Although it is already spring, the temperature in the north is still very low, so I can’t bear to see the little sister wearing a thin hoodie standing in the cold wind to cheer.Some netizens said that the car owner may not know the oil price before buying a car, the first time to fill up the gas was scared by the current oil price.Others said they saw themselves in her, and so did I when I went to get gas.The price of oil has risen too much in these two years. I still remember that 92 gasoline only costs more than 5 yuan in the previous two years, but now 92 gasoline has risen to 7.6 yuan. If it is a Mercedes Benz, BMW and other luxury cars, you have to eat “fine grain”.Gasoline 95 and 98 are more expensive, I can’t afford to fill it up any more, it will be good to see the price drop some time.Car ownership is a continuous consumption activity, as long as the car runs will consume gasoline.If the price of gasoline is too high, it can be really stressful.After all, many people bought their cars on loan and have to pay back two or three thousand yuan a month.His monthly salary is five to six thousand, half of which has to be used to repay the car loan, and his disposable money becomes less.After you buy a car, you have to spend money to keep it.In addition to gas, car washing, maintenance, these costs are not small, at least 5,000 yuan a year, the average to a few hundred yuan a month, the original remaining wages have to be part of.Young people also have a lot of entertainment, friends often have dinner parties, and it is impossible for them to only let others pay, so they almost have to make ends meet every month.Nowadays cars are popular and buying a car is not as difficult as before.But we still have to buy a car according to their own actual situation to decide, if their income is good, car pressure is not big, you can buy a car.If their usual car opportunity is not much, they do not have what savings, there is no need to rush to buy a car.Cars are updated so quickly that if you buy a car now, it might be an old model next year.You can use this time to save money and buy a car when you can afford it.So go refueling, do maintenance, do not have to worry about the price of the problem.