Zhang Ruochen fights against the fake heaven, and Koro is doomed

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A new term, fake heaven, has been introduced here.To put it simply, the false heaven is the great peak of freedom without stepping into the heavens.If gods have false gods, then the heavens have false gods.In the world of infinite freedom, the same realm does not represent the same war power, and it may be difficult to fight with infinite freedom.But it should be easy to suppress them.There are too many factors that affect the power of battle.The number of rules of heaven and earth that can be mobilized will be doubled.The strength of the weapon, one person artifact can only support the big comfortable peak of the battle, one person artifact is the ancestor artifact.There will also be a big difference in battle power.The way of cultivation can also affect the ability of a great monk to fight.There is a big difference between the great freedom peak of the Tao of death and the great freedom peak of the twelve phases of life and fortune.One is the level of the Tao.There will also be a difference in Max combat power between Max Free 20 sword and Max Free 22 sword.One is the divine substance, which can be understood as the friar’s ability to constantly fight and explode.Only a sufficiently powerful battery can have more power and longer battle time.Simply put, there are three levels of great freedom peaks.The third level, barely become the peak of the great freedom, the kind of Daofa is relatively single, daofa level is relatively low.Broken mirror soon, god material accumulation is not much.The level of the artifact in your hand is the same as your own realm.Belongs to the weaker big free peak.The second level, the strong in the peak of the great freedom, practice two or three Taoism, and can be combined.Zhao Gongming, for example, practiced water and gold at the same time, one for defense, the other for attack.Attack and defense.God material accumulation is abundant, master more arcane meaning, the strong in the second level is the heavens.But Zhao Gongming also has a weakness, weakness lies in the body is not strong enough.At the first level, it is still the practice of great freedom. War power is no longer in this realm.When the Chi Yao, the female emperor to the great comfortable peak is the first level, infinite can also fight, and can even beat infinite early strong.Zhang Ruochen is still above the first level.The holy king has three levels below the great saint, and the third level can fight against the great saint, which corresponds to the initial battle power of the immortal Great saint.The second level can defeat the great Sage, and the battle power corresponds to the middle of the Immortal Great Sage.The first level can kill the great Sage, and the battle power corresponds to the late stage of the Immortal Great Sage.In the realm of the Holy King, there are a large number of young geniuses who have reached the latter stages of the immortal Great Sage.Zhang Ruochen in the face of the first level of the strong can readily suppress.Zhang Ruochen is the king of great perfection, can fight 100 cangue border saint.Similarly, when Zhang Ruochen comfortable peak, has not destroyed the middle of the phoenix day should also beat Zhang Ruochen.Zhang Ruochen five elements perfect, and phoenix days together.Zhang Ruochen how strong the war, the infinite peak of the universe with the power of the originator of the injured Hima King, this is not to say that Zhang Ruochen’s highest outbreak is large comfortable early.You should know that the Hima King was once immortals, and his physical form is very powerful, far beyond the normal Hima Middle.Zhang Ruochen is able to hurt hima King, and the power of that blow has reached the peak of the great freedom.Now Zhang Ruochen has entered the five elements, corresponding to the large comfortable early.Zhang Ruochen’s own war is big comfortable medium strong.At this time zhang Ruochen used the ancestor of the divine force, should be able to hurt the jade hole xuan.This war, not only to fight with the King hole xuan, but also to defeat the jade hole Xuan, there is no doubt that this will be zhang Ruochen name move the world’s first war.Zhang Ruochen can be hurt by the ancestral power at its peak, zunzun can be hurt by the ancestral power is infinite.It was coro who was supposed to rob the venerable.Did not think of, Koro suspected fraud, to find an excuse to refuse to move, let their own closed down to test rob zunzun’s false reality.Slow and steady wins the race.Coro’s suspicion was very reasonable. The world knew that Taishang was running out of life and wanted to find someone to carry him.From the Kunlun kingdom of engagement, if it were me, I would not dare to follow.Now, Zhang Ruochen shot, hurt the jade hole xuan, and then said his strength is far inferior to rob zunzun.Corot’s war is inevitable.I have to say, Crowe is a cautious person, but unfortunately, there is no escaping this scourge.”Eternal God Emperor” Zhang Ruochen those repair to straggly teammate “Eternal God Emperor” Xuanyuan ripple’s true identity is seventy-two product ripple’s residual soul “Eternal God Emperor” Chuangnan shitong’s true identity, repair is not destroyed peak, not weak than thunder punishment want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Yeyang Qianlong