When will wOT be linked with army and navy?New map “Pacific Coast”

2022-06-12 0 By

Minimap Hey guys, this is tank zero range.- the working name of the map in the client is “134_ Pacific Coast”, I don’t know what it will be translated to in China, maybe it will be changed to something like “Sunset Coast”/” Gulf Coast Battle “.Wargaming has been working on this map since last year, so far it is quite complete, it just needs some balance “tweaks”.Battle Area division map Size: 1000m x 1000m Mode: Standard Battle Environment:Tropical islands in summer (woodland) – This map is still a “symmetric map” where there is room for all types of vehicles, positions 2-4 are for light and medium tanks, position 3 is for heavy tanks in melee, position 1 and other positions are for TD black shots, and the two circles are for base positions.The map is currently being tested in supertest, and will likely be tested on the official server in “Map Reconnaissance” mode.But I don’t expect this map at all, it is also a “symmetry” map designed by WARgaming, the most classic of these maps is Stugianci – the music is very exciting, the game is like prison, I don’t think I should play this map.To learn more