Weihai old Story martial Arts Legend Zhang Ying (3)

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Hi Weihai news client big friends, children, hello, welcome to watch the “Weihai old Story”.As we said last time, Zhang Ying’s father invited a martial arts teacher from Heze in western Shandong province to teach his son martial arts and kung fu. He treated him with his heart and lungs. Seeing that the teacher was wasting away, he even slaughtered his plough cow for the teacher’s body.Moved by the martial arts teacher will learn their own 18 kinds of martial arts without reservation to teach apprentice Zhang Ying.Nearly 8 years later, Zhang Ying learned a good martial arts from her master, and her character became more and more regular.He eight type of martial arts – full moon type, disc, hiking, horseback riding, tiger, ride cow, silly feet and legs and long reach 36 trip, 30 of buttons and single-pole, games, holds, rally, standing pile, stick fencing, beaten, and the right to (slingshot) master: stick fencing darting dancing up and down or so couldn’t see his face;You can’t get within five meters of a steel whip;The branch can be placed on the stool table zhang eight ten copper shot down in turn;The six-foot-high plum blossom pile bounces and moves like the ground…With the growth of age and martial arts day by day, Zhang Ying has been trained by MAO Nen boy into a strong body tendon, martial arts high strong youth.Zhang Ying is not a short-sighted, satisfied with the current situation of martial arts, he wants to learn higher martial arts, more skills, in order to make a journey in the rivers and rivers, to serve the people.The master and his neighbors encouraged him: There is a world beyond, and those who are willing should go out to see the world, gain knowledge and skills.It was said that Wendeng Port was a place where merchants and merchants gathered, and where acrobatics, opera and martial arts often played, Zhang Ying wanted to go there to see the world.Zhang Ying got up early in the morning. He took some dry food and household supplies and reached the port 60 or 70 li away before the sun had reached three poles.Play all the way to see the grand set clanging to act, Zhang Ying bought theatre tickets, in a good big stage waiting to see the play.I waited for most of the day, but I didn’t see the show start.The audience heckled one after another, asking the troupe to hurry up and start acting.So Zhang Ying asked an old man beside her: “Heaven is almost here. Why hasn’t the play started yet?”The old man told Zhang Ying, “The play can’t begin without the presence of a second master Liu.”Zhang Ying asked curiously, “Who is this second master Liu?”The old man said, This second master Liu is a powerful martial arts, no one dare to trouble him, even the local officials are afraid of him three points.As they spoke, a loud noise came from the south.The old man raised his hand and pointed: “Well, here comes Liu Er Ye.”Zhang Ying saw a sedan chair coming from a distance, and four bearers carried it with great effort and vigor. When they approached the sedan chair, a strong man with a strong face came out of it with great urgency and fire. After dismounting from the sedan chair, they went straight into the tent for watching the play without raising their eyes.Next to the old man quietly told Zhang Ying, this is Liu Er Ye.As soon as the old man’s voice fell, there was a sound of playing cards and Shouting in the play tent.More than half of the hour had passed, and the play would not start until Er Ye Liu came out.The people at the theatre, who had paid for their tickets, were all aggrieved and noisy.Zhang Ying always couldn’t see anything like this. He was a bully of the common people. So he went forward and took out a knife in his pocket and cut off several ropes of the opera tent.Isn’t this breaking the ground on your head?Liu er Ye is a master who is used to being horizontal, and he has not met any hard stubble or anyone who dares to fight against him.Can not help but furious, rushed out of the tent to find out.So what happens next?Weihai’s old story, let’s pick it up next time.(Text from Weihai in the Story)