Spring walking grass-roots | slow taste of yunfu bu Wu ancient village time

2022-06-12 0 By

Recently, the reporter walked into the yuncheng District hekou Street, looking for a quaint ancient village, called cloth village.According to “Place Names” records: Bu Wu, nine kilometers northeast of yunfu County city, is a Hekou town, built in the early Qing Dynasty, composed of cloth, cloth, because surrounded by mountains, winter and spring fog day more, ballad ‘Yun Jin (cover) mountain-bu wu’, cloth wu name source.According to the article, because buwu village is surrounded by mountains, there are many fogs in winter and spring, so it has been passed down from generation to generation: “Yunjin Mountaintop – cloth fog”, so the name of Buwu came from this.Now buwu Village Committee under the jurisdiction of Lonzhuo Village, Sanbai Zui Village, Bushang village, Buxi village, Bo village five natural villages, the reporter is looking for bushang and Buxi natural villages.Standing at the vantage point of the village, we can see that “the ancient trees are high and the houses are low, the sun is far and the mountains are far”, which is the true portrayal of the ancient Village of Buwu.Nowadays, although most of Buwu Village has changed in the process of new rural construction, the ancient dwellings, buildings, towering trees and trickling water in the depths of the old village still have the cultural charm of ancient villages.Walking along the deep laneway in buwu ancient buildings, smell the fragrance of the ancient culture of northern Guangdong countryside.One hundred years of wind and rain vicissitudes, so that some ancient buildings have been dilapidated, some walls have collapsed, all around is overgrown with weeds, inevitably let people sigh.However, the green brick door cover, stone window leakage, wood carving column traces still exist, vaguely visible ancient buildings in the past “scenery”.Some ancient houses are still inhabited, and there are still many old objects in them, big and small POTS and vegetable baskets, which are a beautiful spark of simplicity and modernity.Under the blue sky and white clouds, beside the old trees and houses, the narrow bluestone lane is winding and quiet, and the low corridor and high square are continuous and graceful. It is simply a watercolor painting with light ink and thick rhyme.In fact, buwu ancient village is not big. It takes more than 10 minutes to walk around the whole village.Looking at the mottled stone walls, with their own imagination, feel that these old buildings hundreds of years of history.The road in the village is composed of stone steps, winding in all directions and winding up. Moss or ferns grow on both sides of the stone steps, and occasionally the barking of dogs and the crowing of chickens are quiet but not quiet.As time goes by, buwu Ancient Village remains in its place and continues to radiate its charm through time and space.Yunfu daily.