Spring Festival essential dessert “pineapple cake”, crisp outside waxy, sweet and delicious, easy to do 0 failure

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Spring Festival for dessert “pineapple cakes,” delicious in crisp outside, sweet and delicious, would be a simple zero failure is one of the most lively year Spring Festival festival, every family reunion, in addition to preparing dinner, all kinds of snacks dessert also want to prepare, such as peanuts, melon seeds, fruit, snacks, everything cannot little, today for everyone to share a very suitable for families, small dessert,Its name is called “pineapple cake”, small appearance, it is very convenient to eat, the taste of crisp inside waxy, sweet and rich, sour sweet taste is very delicious, both men and women, old and young like, interested friends come to see it!Speaking of pineapple cakes, I have to share a knowledge with you.Many people confuse pineapples with pineapples, and it’s no wonder. Pineapples and pineapples not only taste similar, but also look similar in shape, so people get confused.Pineapples are actually sweeter and juicier than pineapples, have almost no acidity, and cost more than pineapples, making them perfect for dessert.In addition, the nutritional value of pineapple is also very high, pineapple contains a variety of minerals and vitamins, can promote the digestion and absorption of food, but also conducive to the consumption of fat, weight loss people can rest assured to eat, heat and detoxification, and can help lose weight.In order to save costs, many stores sell the fillings in the pineapple cakes are not pineapples, or only a little pineapple extract, flavored with sugar and food additives, and expensive, to eat and too greasy mouth, is worth doing at home, genuine materials, without any harmful to add, children and the elderly can also safe to eat.It is more respectable to entertain friends and relatives with pineapple cakes, and pineapple also means “prosperity is coming”, which is the best to eat in the New Year.Let’s learn how to make this delicious food.Pineapple crumble: 1 bag of pineapple stuffing, 2 eggs, 75g butter, 35g powdered sugar, 120g low-gluten flour, 35g sheep milk powder, 1g salt.1. Prepare all the ingredients for making pineapple cakes in proportion.2. Soften the butter at room temperature in advance, poke holes easily with chopsticks, then add the icing sugar and salt to the butter according to weight.3. Beat the ingredients in the container with a whisk until the butter is lightly white.4. Whisk the eggs and add them to the butter several times, mixing well each time.5. In a sieve, sift the flour and milk powder into the butter.(Personally, I think the pineapple cake made by sheep’s milk powder tastes better. If you don’t like sheep’s milk powder, you can make it with normal milk powder.)6. Knead the dough and place it in the refrigerator. Let it rest for 30 minutes.7. Take the dough out of the fridge and divide it into equal portions, 23g in this case, and then divide the ready-made pineapple filling into small balls about the same size as the flour mixture.8. Press the dough agent flat, wrap the pineapple filling in, close it and round it.9, wrapped pineapple cake with a mold to depict the shape.10, put into the preheated oven, heat up and down 170 degrees, place the middle layer bake 20 minutes to 25 minutes can be out of the oven.Baked pineapple cake cooling demoulding, crisp and sweet to eat, pineapple filling soft waxy and Q bomb, eat a mouthful can not stop!1, the oven brand is different, the temperature may be different, we adjust the baking temperature and time according to their own oven.If you are also a food lover, might as well click on me!