Accidental fall do not give up!China’s short-track men’s 5,000m relay team qualified for the final

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Beijing, Feb. 11 (Xinhua) — China’s short-track speed skating team tripped and fell during the men’s 5,000m relay semifinal at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and was ruled to advance directly to the final.After the start of the game, Canada quickly took the first place and The Chinese team followed closely.China rose to the top a few laps later, but was quickly overtaken by Canada.With 33 laps to go, Wu rose to the top and Canada fell to second.After gaining the lead, the Chinese team slowly picked up the pace, with Canada taking the lead with 25 laps to go, but the Chinese team quickly took advantage of the baton exchange to regain the lead.In the latter stages, Li wenlong staggered and fell off the ice after the baton was handed.After that, Canada and Italy were the first two teams to take the lead, and China could only catch up on the outside.Canada and Italy crossed the finish line first and China crossed the finish line fourth.After the match, the referee played back the game, and in slow motion, the Canadian skater touched Li wenlong’s skater, causing him to fall down.The referee sent China straight to the Group A final, along with Canada and Italy.Why was the Chinese team sent to the final?In the event of a collision, who is in the right?Who’s foul?Why did China team enter the final this time?According to the RULES of the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation, there are several types of fouls, one is derailment, two is blocking, three is assisting fouls, four is kicking the skate.Blocking is the most common foul.It is worth mentioning that the rules of short track speed skating are changing and developing all the time.In 2020, the ISU officially launched a revised version of its refereeing manual, with many details revised.The player’s foul action has the relevant penalty code, which greatly improves the transparency of the game.In today’s competition, Chinese short track player Li Wenlong was passing on the inside track when the skates collided with Canadian team members.Although the opponent is unintentional behavior, but did affect the Chinese team.In this case, the referee decided that China would advance to the group A final.One thing, though, is that if the collision happens in the final, the athlete is out of luck.Source:, Xinhua News Agency client editor: Ice words