A man sits next to a rice cooker and still insists on letting his wife help him with the meal

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We often hear a word, the favored person is always secure to rely on, the person who loves is always humble to the extreme, the feelings between men and women, as if it is a mystery, complicated and confusing, often is the bystander clear, and the local fan.Sometimes when we look at a couple, we think that the two people are not compatible. Either the woman is beautiful and the man is ugly, or the woman is gentle and the man is violent.Therefore, in specific life, a husband and wife have a husband and wife’s way of life, perhaps in the eyes of outsiders, is really unaccustomed to, feel incredible, but the parties are happy in it, they get along happily, this is also a strange phenomenon.In this case, the man was sitting next to the rice cooker and still insisted on letting his wife help him with the meal.A man sat down with his wife for dinner in Hubei province on Feb. 17. When he ran out of rice, he handed his empty bowl to his wife and asked her to help him, according to netizens.In the picture, the couple are sitting in front of the table, eating dinner. The meal is sumptuous, including a big pot of spicy hot pot and several small dishes. Their staple food is rice.At this point, the man’s bowl of rice is empty, he naturally put the empty bowl to his wife’s right hand, indicating to her to help him to fill another bowl of rice.Seeing this, the woman immediately stood up and took her husband’s rice bowl to fill the meal, while the man picked up a box of milk with a straw at his hand and began to drink milk.These actions, flowing generally, two people cooperate with very tacit understanding, looks like the couple is already used to it, but a strange sight happened, then go around the woman to her husband from behind in the past, walked to the man beside rice bowl, at that time, people suddenly discovered that it steamed rice cooker, is on the tip of the right hand of the man next to him!Seeing this, people couldn’t sit still, they were talking, and the comment section was like a frying pan.If I were you, I’d put the bowl on his head!Netizen flower chao11: be my words, direct a big palm fan past.Another said: ‘I still want to kick you even though we’ve never met.’Her words were praised by many netizens.However, some netizens said, “Nothing, don’t be ordinary with him, he is disabled, may not be able to move the lower body.I have to say, this Internet user is pretty damn cursing.However, some netizens said, this is not strange, my mother is like this, served my father all his life, every day like a xianglin sister-in-law, crying, crying about how wronged they are.”Don’t you feel sorry for your mother?She said she deserved it, she had brought it on herself, for she had been so spoiled by my father from the very beginning. Frankly speaking, the poor man must be hated, and deserved no sympathy.Wood purple point of view in fact, such a woman and man, xiaobian also met in real life, at the beginning of the feel incredible, then used to it, it is not strange.One elder sister, every day like a whiner, sobbed her husband, how don’t love their, mother-in-law is bad for himself, crying for more than 20 years, from wedding to marry the daughter-in-law, or at home do cattle and horses, at the start of the others followed her sympathy, and then find out later, numb about her, think she is deserved it.For example, when renovating a house, she would work hard to carry cement garbage downstairs while her husband chatted with others while smoking cigarettes.When the door was broken, she repaired it.There was no gas, so she went to fill the gas. Even when the toilet at home was blocked, she could pull the toilet down by hand, poke it open and reinstall it herself.In their family, the husband is the uncle and she is the nanny.Later, xiaobian analyzed that the fundamental reason for the disparity in her family’s status was that her husband graduated from college and had a formal job, while she had no job and was just a housewife, a rural cleaning woman.Economic status determines the superstructure, so from the beginning, she failed to straighten out her position, her husband is everything in the family, is the day, she only her husband horse.Of course, the couple in this video is not necessarily the case of my friend, but it can be seen from the video that the man is used to ordering his wife around, and she has no objection to this. The two of them cooperate very well and are used to it.As long as the couple thought it was all right, the rest of us didn’t have to worry about it. Perhaps the mistress enjoyed taking care of her husband as if he were a baby.Finally, xiaobian also don’t know what to say to such a man, the netizens scolded enough to relieve the gas, I wish them husband and wife hehemeimei, happiness forever!Marriage is not easy, and line and cherish!Want to know more exciting content, come to mu Zi column a woman for her best friend’s baby hundreds of quilt, the best friend excited speechless: full of love