A man in East China’s Anhui Province posted a message on wechat to mock his boss for being too scheming when he failed to return leftovers

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During the holiday, many people choose to have dinner with friends, contact feelings, eat out must do what one can, when ordering less, if not enough more.An Anhui man ordered too many skewers at a barbecue restaurant to finish his meal with his friends, and asked the restaurant to return them.This place focuses on the kebabs and some other dishes, the kebabs are not very expensive, the kebabs look big, they are threaded with bamboo sticks.There are not many shops open for New Year, his business is very good, although the store is not very big, but the store is still very spacious, there are more than a dozen tables are full.There are a wide range of skewers, including meat dishes. His mutton skewers are genuine mutton, costing 10 yuan for three skewers. The skewers are roasted with proper heat and are charred on the outside and tender on the inside.The roast lamb small waist is 6 yuan per skewer. It doesn’t taste sexy. The kidneys are tender, and there is a little meat on the ribs.His family had a Fried clams, baked oysters and other seafood, the new prices rose slightly, but in the range of affordable, men with friends to the shop to have a meal, first ordered more than 30 barbecue series, then man of the house of the child, looking at the table of the kebab is running out, no man’s permission, without authorization and ordered some, barbecue in these haven’t on the table,The boss asked the man to buy the bill first, because the cashier had to go home early from work. The man was having fun with his friends and didn’t think much about it.Eat to the end, only to find that the children point too much string, not to finish eating, then the man came to his mind, the boss asked to pay in advance of the reason, too clever, and then asked to return, the boss said, out of the meal caveat caveat, because put on the table for too long, may be contaminated.Masculinity, however, so the circle of friends, poking fun at the boss is not honest in business, too, he felt that he was right, but only to find, attracting a piece, all agree that the meal is not retreated, otherwise everyone may be a victim, of course, the boss also have do wrong place, see the child too many points, should earnestly warned, rather than to make money,Let the guest pay in advance, the responsibility is still on the man, if the child education is good at ordinary times, the child will not be independent!