Plastic sister flower!Choi Min-jeong cried, her teammates laughed happily, how fierce is the Korean short track internal fighting

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The women’s 1,000-meter short track speed skating race has ended at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Schuerting of the Netherlands won the gold medal in 1:28.391 seconds, and she is also the defending champion. Choi Min-jeong of South Korea ranked second in 1:28.443 and was in tears on the track.The third place was won by the Belgian contestant, who was very excited.In the final, shulting lived up to her experience and strength and was in the lead until the last lap when South Korea’s Choi Min-jeong tried to overtake her, but Italy’s Fontana fouled on the turn and crashed out with the American.Maybe this had some influence on Cui Minjing. At the last moment, she tried her best to chase but was still suppressed by Schuerting. After the race, she burst into tears on the spot, thinking that her result was affected by the Italian player.The INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation posted a social media update congratulating the Dutchwoman on defending her title, with the caption: “A close and fierce battle between five great competitors, Schuerting finally won, she led from start to finish.”Some netizens noticed that there were two pictures of Korean player Choi Min-jeong and champion Shulting colliding with each other, and they began to debate, “This is making something wrong.”What is more interesting is that Choi Min-jeong of South Korea lay face down in pain on the mat beside the court after the match, while the Korean coach comforted her and her teammates shook hands one second and laughed secretly the next.Oh, that’s all it takes to be a plastic sister.This player is The South Korean short track speed skating women’s team player Lee Yoobin, she in the women’s short track speed skating 1000 meters qualified B group, technical strength is relatively strong, but also very beautiful appearance, super good figure and high appearance level also attracted a lot of attention.And the South Korean short track speed skating team “internal fighting” also caused a hot debate, teammates laugh at this is a small matter, and in the race with teammates are not uncommon.In the women’s 1,500-meter World Cup final group A on October 23 last year, two South Korean athletes, Kim Ji-woo and Choi Min-jeong, collided before the finish line, and the two top runners fell off the track. Lee Yoo-bin won the final.At the last Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, Shen Shixi and Choi Minjing both reached the women’s 1,000m final, but instead of working together, they collided.Finally, the two fell out of the track together, the South Korean coach could not help but cover his face.Because South Korea’s short track speed skating is the traditional advantage of the project, and South Korea’s pursuit of champion without the bottom line has been a morbid, resulting in South Korea’s short track speed skating many small moves and dirty behavior.Before the Winter Olympics, South Korean media said the women’s team was weakened by the absence of Shim Seok-hee and Kim Ji-woo.