“One step at a time, do a good job of pet health guardian” zeng Xiaofang hundred people Hundred Jia

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She carefully adopted the first cat in her veterinarian career that had been abandoned by her pet owner while being cured.Now Kitty is ten years old. She has grown from a veterinary assistant to a regional medical director with in-depth research and rich clinical experience in internal medicine, dermatology, oncology and cat specialty.Won the third Prize of “Internal Medicine Expert Group” in the second Eagle Cup in 2016 and the “Top 100 Feline Specialty” certification of New Ruipeng Group in 2019.
This decade is not only a decade for her professional and technical growth, but also a decade for her to learn a lot from management and teaching.In the interview, she said: the choice of veterinarian career, determines our growth is a step by step, can not rush to success;Of course, one of the most important aspects of the veterinarian’s own work is to understand that a lot of what we do as guardians of our pets’ health is based on one point — how to alleviate the animal’s suffering and then actually help it.The guest of this issue is Zeng Xiaofang, senior technical manager and specialist doctor from The Greater Bay Area of New Ruipeng Group.In 2006, I received the admission notice from China Agricultural University, but unexpectedly, I was transferred to the major of animal medicine.My family lives in the countryside. When I was young, my cats and dogs were used to guard the house, not the pets now. So BEFORE that, I had never heard of animal medicine.In our junior year, we began to learn clinical basic professional courses. Once, the teacher taught us how to dissect a sheep’s corpse, demonstrating layer by layer and telling us what each layer of sheep’s muscles, blood vessels and nerves were…At that time, we all faced this kind of “bloody” scene for the first time. Many students obviously felt uncomfortable, but they did not feel particularly disgusted, thinking: maybe I am quite suitable for this professional work.After graduating from university in 2011, I worked in a pet hospital. I quit my job four months later and came to the southern city of Shenzhen. With the recommendation of my classmates, I joined Ruipeng Shekou Branch hospital in December and became a veterinary assistant.In the following two years, I worked in Shekou Branch hospital from assistant to doctor and then to general management, which was the previous operation post.Two years later, I wanted to experience the working atmosphere of different hospitals so much that I communicated with leaders and applied for transferring to another hospital.Leadership back to me said: to adjust the store, to be a comprehensive tube or a doctor can not, you want to adjust to the new store when dean!And I thought, WELL, I haven’t done it, so I’ll give it a try.When xin ‘an Branch opened at the end of 2013, I was officially transferred to xin ‘an branch as the dean.At that time, in addition to receiving medical treatment, I also had to communicate with the government, the landlord, the community security, and all kinds of trivial matters inside and outside the hospital, which I had to do by myself.At the same time, the “dean” at that time means that you have the best technology in the hospital, so you have to help other colleagues in the teaching college technically, which is equivalent to taking responsibility for the technology and management of the branch.Then IN April 2017, I transferred to taining Branch as the president.Taining Branch hospital was a relatively large hospital with advanced equipment and medical technology, which was better equipped to make diagnosis and treatment for some complicated, difficult or rare cases at that time.Thanks to this, I also had the opportunity to practice and significantly improve a lot of professional and technical knowledge that I wanted to know deeply.In 2017, I had the honor to participate in the soft tissue surgery training held by Weite College in Beijing. Under the guidance of foreign teachers, the training content covered theoretical study, technical practice, discussion and analysis, review and summary, etc.After complete training in a closed and systematic way, my level of soft tissue surgery has been significantly improved since then. Even if I encountered some cases that I had never done before, I still knew how to carry out diagnosis and treatment after knowing the situation and pathology.In addition to the improvement in professional technology, the two working experiences in Xin ‘an and Taining Branch Have also brought me a lot of insights in management.If I were just a doctor, MAYBE I just need to take care of the disease and do my own cases well. However, as the dean undertakes more management work, I need to consider how to make the colleagues in the branch work together towards a goal, and how to improve the ability of the newly arrived assistant and staff.Of course, the exploration of management in this process, while there are harvest, there are also detours.From medicine to the skin, and then to oncology, cats college in September 2020, I from timing sorting to nanshan district as technical manager position, and in May this year, the start of a large bay area company medical current priorities or short term planning is to assist the medical technology level of large bay area to ascend a stage.Today, we often tell young doctors that if you want to go into specialties, you have to become a qualified general practitioner.Because the current situation of veterinarians is that we have to be general practitioners first. For many cases, you have to know how to look. It is impossible to say that MY orthopaedic department is very good, but FOR common skin problems and ear canal problems, I cannot carry out diagnosis and treatment.For example, for the vomiting and diarrhea of small animals, it may be a common gastroenteritis, or viral infection, such as parvovirus, cat distemper, etc., the etiology and medication of these diseases will basically be learned by doctors just entering the field.But if it is bile duct hepatitis, fatty liver, pancreatitis, hypothyroidism and other more serious diseases, or this common disease still does not improve after normal medication, at this time, as a doctor, can you have the idea of differential diagnosis for the next step, what need to do next, what else can be done?This is the more experienced, or to internal medicine specialist can help solve bit by bit.When I first started my career, I also went from internal medicine to dermatology to oncology to feline, but even now I do not say that I only take cases in a specific specialty.I remember that IT was in 2015 that MY company sent me to Beijing to learn cytology related courses. After the study, I realized that this is actually the basis of tumor. With the idea of in-depth understanding, I systematically studied related courses of oncology department.Later, I was fortunate to attend the World Congress of Small Animal Physicians in Thailand, where I learned a lot of knowledge related to tumor.Including an operation I performed just before this interview, a poodle with vaginal tumor disease treated by Dr. Huang at Mount Baker Hospital in the Greater Bay Area.Later, when I was in Taining Branch in 2018, considering that more and more people keep cats, we also wanted to make taining branch more famous, so we specially added a feline in the back.In fact, feline is also a small general practice, and we also think that it is mainly inclined to internal medicine, that is, as a feline doctor, your internal medicine skills must be strong.Why did a cat come out?That’s because it’s hard for a new doctor to get a good look at cats. Experience is one thing, but more importantly, the disease itself is more complex.We often say that if a person does not get sick for a long time, then he may become seriously ill.The same goes for cats, too.And the dog summer will be cool, like the belly on the floor to sleep, easy to cause a cold cold;Cats, on the other hand, love their bodies. They prefer soft places, so they don’t sleep on the floor.In addition, the ancestors of cats originally live in the desert, so it is not afraid of heat, and rarely catch a cold or minor illness, more herpes virus, calicivirus and other viral infection diseases.These diseases are not said to be able to improve with two days of medicine, relatively speaking, it needs a longer treatment process, and must require doctors to have a stronger ability to control the treatment process of this kind of disease.In addition, the body characteristics of cats are also obvious, is self-healing ability, vitality is very strong.In 2018, when I was in Taining Branch hospital, I received a stray cat seriously injured in a car accident on a rainy night.During a night run, rescuers saw a stray cat lying in the middle of the road and assumed it had been run over by a car.When he walked in and picked the cat up, he found that nearly a third of its skin, from its belly to its thighs, had escaped from the subcutaneous tissue.By the time the kitten arrived at the hospital, it was after 10 p.m., and I was the only doctor and two assistants there.Later that night we stayed at the hospital and started treating the cat’s wounds.A cat injured badly in a car accident on a rainy night, its subcutaneous tissue and muscles are directly exposed, and its thin body emits a faint cry at the last gasp.The only thing we can do is to carefully remove a lot of dirt and hair from the cat, mixed with the blood clots.Later, we were touched by the cat’s strong vitality. From its dying body, it began to eat slowly. After more than two months and three surgeries, the cat’s wounds began to recover piece by piece, and finally the stray cat recovered completely with its strong vitality.Because it is a civet cat, I named it “small civet”.Finally, xiao Li was adopted by a beautician in our hospital and has had a warm home since then.Step by step, I have taken over the responsibility of technical manager from protecting the health of pets. Now my work is completely different from that of doctor, and I often have to run between more than 10 stores in my charge.Thanks to the fact that the Greater Bay Area has excellent doctors in various specialized fields at present, for example, in internal medicine, there are President Kong Debin of Ruipeng First Central Hospital and Doctor Xiao Xuefei of Baker Nanshan Hospital;In the field of orthopedics and soft tissue surgery, we also have our technical manager Dr. You Ting and other excellent colleagues.Especially in the feline field, in addition to a number of excellent cat specialist doctors, we also have specialized cat hospitals such as Cat Cat, Anan Houhai, etc., which can provide all-round health protection for cats.Therefore, MOST of the time, I only need to go to each branch hospital to assist these doctors in relevant surgical operations, but I will ensure that I have two days a week in the first Central hospital to deal with some referred cases of skin diseases, tumors, complex internal diseases and other cases.As a technical manager, one of the things I do a lot of times is think about how can I influence the doctors around me?For example, there may be a doctor whose consulting habits are not very good, but in fact, veterinarians tend to stick to their own ideas and it is difficult to be changed by others.Therefore, MOST of the time, I will do some things unconsciously. First, I will let others accept what you say, and then they will be willing to change.After the change of mind, then comes the relatively easy problem of ability improvement.At the beginning of my career, I feel that compared with other students’ career ideals, our industry does not make progress so fast, and we have to keep learning and make more efforts than others.But after sticking to it, I will feel that the career development of people who may take the technical route will be different.Someone mentioned the term “midlife crisis” a while ago, and I thought to myself: I don’t think I’m feeling this yet.Because it’s actually fine in our industry because, in middle age, you’ve seen, treated and cured so many cases, and you understand that a lot of experience is really something that no one else can easily replace.Our veterinarian’s career choice determines that our growth is a step by step, there is no way to rush for success, not only because our industry has to have the temperature, but also have to patiently wait for the growth of these veterinarians.Of course, one of the most important aspects of the veterinarian’s own work is to understand that much of what we do as guardians of our pets’ health is based on a single point: how to alleviate the animal’s suffering and then actually help it.This is often what really drives me to grow, learn, and improve.Because I don’t know if I can’t see what do you think of this disease, or I’m not sure the treatment of this disease and very full, but I already accepts the case, or want to make the animal can feel better and no longer the pain, so I want to, want to efforts to study these disease, hope to be able to cure the sick animals.My cat was abandoned by the customer when I was working in a pet hospital after graduating from university. It is also the first small animal cured in my veterinary career. Now it is 10 years old, and I think it has special meaning for me, so I can’t watch it suffer.