Xingyang Jiayu Town: multi measures to carry out food and beverage lampblack special governance action

2022-06-10 0 By

Elephant news reporter Zeng Tao Yang Zhenghua Lin Yang to further do a good job of cooking fume control work, prevention and control of air pollution, effectively maintain the town environment health, to ensure the health of the people.Xingyang Jiayu Town Urban management Squadron focused on catering fume special rectification work.This screening, execute the law personnel into stores after hutch, for all kinds of food and beverage outlets lampblack purifier installation usage one by one check, registration, and the restaurants, head and staff on the harm of the dining lampblack pollution and dining lampblack purification facilities installed correctly graphic knowledge, in this special campaign, all kinds of food and beverage outlets of the February 82 home,36 problems were found, among which 21 had unfinished purifiers, 13 had not been cleaned properly, and 5 had not been installed properly. For the stores that failed to meet the standards, law enforcement officers issued rectification notices to them on the spot, requiring them to make rectification within a time limit, and arranged special personnel to track and supervise the rectification to ensure that the rectification was in place.The next step, Jiayu town city management squadron will further strengthen the normal control of food lampblack, for non-standard behavior, increase inspection and punishment, to ensure that our town air quality standards.