From 2-1 to 2-2!Barcelona beat Espanyol!It’s time for the King to leave the bench!

2022-06-10 0 By

Early in the morning on February 14, Beijing time, espanyol’s 2-2 draw with Barcelona at home in the 24th round of La Liga, Wu Lei did not get the chance to play.Dardell and DeThomas traded assists to give Barca a 2-1 lead before Luke de Jong equalized with a late goal.Wu Lei did not get the opportunity to appear, even a minute on the bench did not turn.Wu has played only 15 minutes in the last nine games of La Liga against Athletic Bilbao.Wu lei scored against Barcelona in the Catalan Derby, but now he can’t even get a chance to play.Espanyol have lost five straight games after dropping two points.This game, Wu Lei failed to get the opportunity to play, continue to sit on the bench.Two years ago, Wu Lei was the hero of Espanyol’s goal against Barcelona, and now he is an outsider sitting on the bench.At present have no way early turn head, do not know what Wu Lei is still waiting for?Some fans said that Wu Lei is not suitable in the national team, why?Wu Lei, as the only international football player abroad, has not played for a long time in Spain, so to speak, was completely abandoned by the coach, and then the national team became his training place.However, the national team’s record is not good, the role in the field is not big, did not play a striker should have some role, this is wu Lei is not competent for this job.Wu lei should either transfer or go back to China, if he is still in Spain, then he will waste his talent, it can be said that Wu Lei’s overseas road is a failure, can not compare with the previous generation.Of course, at present, Wu Lei abroad or valuable!Recall Wu Lei just go out to stay abroad when, a lot of domestic players are estimated to laugh at him in the heart, put tens of millions of high salaries do not take to go abroad.Now the domestic salary limit, the player annual salary cap is only 3 million yuan before tax, these people estimate to envy Wu Lei again.Although the latter’s annual salary has been reduced from 1 million euros to 500,000 euros after the second contract extension, his salary is after-tax, which is twice better than that of the domestic players after the salary limit.Moreover, if these players continue to muddle through at home, they are likely to take further salary cuts, making them completely civilian players.